Kangana Ranaut furious over Tapsee Pannu's 'cheap copy' comment, sparking off on Twitter again

Swords are once again drawn between actress Tapsee Pannu and Kangana Ranaut. Taapsee’s house was red with income tax recently. Tapsi has made three tweets on Twitter, one after the other, regarding this raid. Through these tweets, Taapsee has tried to clarify the allegations leveled against him.

Also, he has written that he is no longer ‘cheap copy’. Kangna has got chilly on this same tweet of Taapsee. In fact, Kangana has often called Tapsi a B-grade and cheap actress through her tweets. In such a situation, after the income tax raid, the manner in which Tapasi wrote ‘I am not a cheap copy’, it can be understood that this sarcasm is only for Kangana.

However, Kangana was also going to remain silent on this taps of Taapsee. He also retorted on Tapasi’s tweet with a tappaak, writing, ‘You will always be cheap because you are the Feminist of all the rapists. Income tax raids have fallen in the charge of tax evasion in your ring master Kashyap’s house in 2013 too. The government’s official report has come out, if you are not ashamed of it, then go to court and take a clean chit .. Come on cheap ‘It will be fun to see what turns this battle between Kangana and Tapsee takes.


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