Kangana Ranaut is counted among Bollywood’s legendary actresses. Kangana is also known for her outspokenness, who talks openly on many issues in the film industry, but many times the actress’s frivolous fans do not like it. Now Kangana is being trolled for one of her posts. Actually, Kangana had posted a post about the fast of Navratri, in which her fans asked the opposite question.

Kangana tweeted, ‘Imagine the fast on Ashtami, even when such a meal is made in your house.’ Kangana has also shared a picture with the post. In it, along with their food, onion is also kept in the plate. In such a situation, the fans of the actress seem very angry with him and have made the actress rain upside down questions. One user commented on the post, writing, ‘This prasad looks very different …. When did Hindus start eating onion in Navratri?’ One user wrote, ‘The first rule of Navratri is to leave out garlic and onions and they are eating on the fast.’


Kangana Ranaut has also given a sharp reply to the trolls and has defended placing onions in the plate. Kangana wrote, ‘Can not believe that onion is in top trends. Well, it was not meant to hurt anyone’s feelings, but the specialty of Hinduism is that it is not fanatical like other religions. Do not spoil it, if my family wants to eat salad with Prasad, do not make fun of them.

Kangana Ranaut will be seen in the film Thalaivi. In the film, he is former Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J.J. Jayalalithaa is playing the character. Although the release of the film may be postponed due to Corona, many pictures of Kangana have been revealed from the set, in which she looks exactly like Jayalalithaa.



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