Although much work remains to be done on environmental protection throughout the country, but awareness has now started to increase among the people to save the environment. Last year, when it was announced to build a metro shed in Aare, Maharashtra, there was a huge opposition from the people. He believed that this would cause great harm to the forests of Aarey. It is a matter of relief for the protesters that the government has announced that metro sheds will be built on Kanjurmarg instead of Aare. People are expressing happiness over this. Kangana Ranaut has also reacted to this, but her reaction is slightly different.

Kangana Ranaut has always been known for her impunity and never holds back in expressing her views. Kangana has not supported the decision taken on Aarey Jungle, on the contrary, she has declared this decision taken by the Maharashtra government as a political agenda. Kangna said- which is the biggest problem of the world, it is not really the problem of Mubikers. Last year I planted more than one lakh saplings. Not cutting trees is a good thing, but stopping urbanization is not a solution to your agenda, but only a part of the problem.

Kangana told agenda

Let me tell you that Kangana Ranaut is not already formed with Maharashtra and Shiv Sena. Kangana’s dispute with Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut has not yet passed. In such a situation, while on one hand, all are appreciating the decision taken by the Maharashtra government in the interest of the forests of Aarey, Kangana is giving the name of this agenda to the agenda. Please tell that the actress has started shooting again after the lockdown. She is playing the lead role in biopic of veteran politician Jayalalitha of South.



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