Kamal Haasan's 232nd film announced, will work with this South director

Kamal Haasan: How Much Is Kamal Haasan’s Favorite In Telugu!?: ‘Sweeter than honey…Telugu language’ we keep singing. But elders say that those who really growled the sweetness of Telugu are from Parabhasha. Kamal Haasan, the iconic actor, should never forget Tamil great poet Subramanya Bharati’s words about ‘Telugu Tiyadanam’. Although he was born in Tamil Nadu, he lives in Telugu. To be honest, Mahakavi Sri’s writings are Kamal Haasan’s lifeblood. Also, the movie ‘Maro Charitra’, featuring Kamal Haasan in Telugu and Tamilnadu as a star, was shot in Telugu, and in Visakhapatnam, which is a Telugu land! For this reason, Kamal is more fond of Telugu. Kamal also enjoys the sweetness of Telugu proverbs. Melody singer SP Balasubrahmanyam, who is considered Kamal’s own elder brother, has also explained these things many times. Even Vennelakanti, who wrote for Kamal’s translation films several times, impressed him with his lyrics.

Kamal Haasan, who is a huge fan of the Telugu language, said on one occasion that the people who ruled and influenced the region known as Tamil Nadu for a long time were the Telugu people. During ‘Bhamane Satyabhamane’, Kamal explained his historical knowledge to the Telugu people as the mother tongue of the Cholas who ruled the Tamil country was Telugu, especially since Thanjavur was the capital during Rajaraja Chola’s time, Kamal explained his historical knowledge. Moreover, Kamal Haasan also mentioned that ‘Veerapandya Kattabommana’ who participated in the Swarajya Samaram was also Telugu and Ramaswamy Nayagar who led the Dravidian movement was also Telugu.

Before all this, the centenary of ‘Mangammagari Manavadu’, which featured Nandamuri Balakrishna as the star hero, was held in December 1984. Kamal Haasan was the chief guest in the ceremony which was held at Vijayesh Mahal in Chennai. It is noteworthy that at that time he himself stated that he would be sad because he was not born a Telugu! There is no reason for that. Kamal’s favorite actor is Sivaji Ganesan. It is remarkable that ‘Paradesi’ is his first Telugu movie! After that, the Tamil movie ‘Parashakti’ starring Shivaji was released. And the film that got Kamal a star image was ‘Marocharitra’. It is made in Telugu and Hindi. Telugu director LV Prasad produced this movie in Hindi with the name ‘Ek Duje Keliye’! Moreover, it was LV Prasad who cast his favorite actor Sivaji Ganesan as an actor in ‘Paradesi’ and then groomed him in the role of ‘Manohara’, Kamal has a lot of respect for him. That is why he asked LV Prasad to play the role of heroine Madhavi’s grandfather in his first film ‘Amavasya Chandradu’ in which he turned producer. As per Kamal’s wish, LV Prasad entertained by wearing the role. Having said that, Kamal has a lot of connections with Telugu people and Telugu land. That’s why Kamal Haasan’s films are getting more popular than Tamil Nadu’s.

On one occasion, Kamal Korakarani appeared as a stick to the then Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, Jayalalithaa. With that, he created many obstacles for the film ‘Vishwaroopam’. Therefore Kamal released the film ‘Vishwaroopam’ in Telugu. Then Telugu cinema became a boon to Kamal. After many days Kamal got another big hit with ‘Vikram’. This movie was a success in Telugu as well. A sequel will also be made for this movie. Shankar is preparing the sequel to ‘Indian’, which earned Kamal the best actor award at the national level. Currently, Kamal is acting in that movie. Kamal’s fans are eagerly waiting for the release of the film. Especially Telugu fans who love Kamal are more interested in ‘Indian-2’. And let’s see how Kamal will perform in the upcoming movies.


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