Kalpathi Rathotsavam: Aparna Natyam Of Kanakasabha: Kashi Vishwanathan, Goddess Visalakshi and Lord Ganapati got off the chariot and got up..and Lakshmi Narayana Perumal. Thousands of devotees flock to the streets of Agrahara to meet the Lord of the Triloka…a worship tradition that started six hundred years ago. The world-famous Kalpathi Rathotsavam.

The color light is on
The festival flag has been raised.
To Kalpathi Vishwanath, who is blessed with Vishalakshi
This is the chariot festival.
Here are the huge chariots that literally symbolized the Kashi temple gopuram to the streets of Agrahara.

Village tour in Rishabhavana. Huge chariots come from various temples to the village streets. Finally the great confluence of chariots..palanquin concerts, bullock palanquin village processions…Vedopanishad mantras will be chanted.
Festival days and nights.

The Kanaka Sabha of Vishwanatha Swamy Temple is one of the most important places in the Kalpathi Agrahara Temples. It is next to the Visalakshi shrine. In the shrine where Puja is performed to Utsava Murthys. Kanakasabha symbolizes the Svarna Mandapam, the original position of Chidambaran Natyam’s Natyasastra, and the Siva family consisting of Shiva Parvati and Ganapati Valli, Subrahmanya and Natarajamurthy, who are also Devayani’s contemporaries.

It is the Ardhanarishvara dancing land which is composed of Elysia and Tandava. Indian dance is a combination of Tandava and Lasya. Natarajan’s Pradosha dance, Tandava, and Nadanta are very popular. Shulapani who danced in Kailasam seated the Mother of Triloka on a golden throne studded with precious jewels. Saraswati with veena, Indra with the flute, Brahma with leaf drum, Lakshmi singing songs, and Maddalam Kotti Vishnu.. Gods, Gandharvas, Yakshakinaras, Apsaras, Immortals, Siddhas, Batangas, reptiles, and all animals are present in Shiva’s twilight dance – that Pradosha dance is explained in Shiva Pradosha Stotra.

Tandava is performed by Lord Shiva in his resting posture. -Shiva Tandava. Lord Shiva dances the Tandava dance in Chutala fields in the form of a ten-armed consort. Another important dance is the dance of Nataraja. A dance performed before the congregation in the Golden Mandapam of Chidambaram – Chidambaranadhyam.

Chidambaram is conceived as the center of the universe. Thandavam is related to the origin story of Natya Shastra. Dance was used in Natyam because of Shiva’s instructions. As per the order of Brahma, when Bharata Muni introduced the Dima called Tripura Daham, he asked to add dance to it. Thus Shiva called Thandu and instructed Bharata Muni to teach him how to dance. It came to be known as Tandavam because it was taught by Sandhu. Tandavam is a dance of uddhatanartha. Dance of Parvati. And Lasya. When these two come together, Nritta Purnima is.

Natarajan dance symbolizes the five actions of Lord Shiva: Creation, Status, Destruction, Disappearance, and Blessing. In a nutshell, the Nataraja dance is an activity related to the universe. It is both contemporary and timeless.

The whole scene
Tava from God…wherever you look only that form.
Chit- Ambaram – Chidambaram
Chitakasha –

The Achidambara secret revealed in the Sivanandanatanam is transformed into the Kanakasabha of the Vishwanatha Swamy temple with Vishalakshi. Through the Natya Samarpanam held in the Kanakasabha where the Utsava Murthys were installed in the temple…the custom was not broken this time. Nadasvara Concert, Sopana Sangeet and Natyam … As there was a lunar eclipse in the evening on the flag day, the next day, Wednesday evening, the Kanaka Sabhanadyam was held.

After shodashopachara pooja, lamp worship, special decoration, and yoga shala pooja took place. South Indian Dancer Aparna Sharma with Bharatanatyam step choreographed by renowned Dancer Dr. Padma Subramaniam E.J. Reached Kallampalam. Ganesha work by Muthusamy Dikshitar
In Chakravaka raga on Aditalam, Natyam started. Then, during Shankara’s rule, Shiva’s Karunai Varna was performed on Papanasham on Adithalam and Adi Shankaracharya’s Rajarajeshwari Ashtakam ragamalika was performed on Adithalam.

After Darikasura Nigraha, Lord Shiva, who danced to appease Kali’s anger, is here in the arena. Seeing Shiva dancing, Kali also followed suit. Then there was a fierce match between Kali and Shiva.

Kanakasabha dancer Arangam is performing here as Ekaki. Finally, Kali prostrated before Shiva. Then, with the scene of Ganapati teaching dance to Shiva’s family members who return to Subrahmanya, the Kanaka Sabha sings Mangalam and dedicates the Natyam.

Aparna Lrma’s Natyam directed by Dr. Padma Subramaniam based on the work composed by Muthu Thandavar at Aditalam in Mayamalavagaulam – Kanaka Sabha was literally absorbed in that Aparna Natyam. Kanakasabha Natyam is the Pradosha Dance of Shiva, Tandava and Natanta dedicated to the Sahridaya mind.

The dance will bring to the audience the concept of Ardhanariswara Bhava, which is composed of Lasya and Tandava. Aparna Sharma presented the scene of Kali surrendering to the Utsavamurthy of Kashi Vishwanatha Swami, who was also Vishalakshi. Dance moves that have experienced Chidambara philosophy through Natyasastra.

Pradosha Sandhya with tantric rituals during Kalpathi Rathotsavam
Let us bow down to the ancestors who directed Natyam at Sri Kovil Natayil. Yes, Brahmananda is leading to realization by recalling the origin of Natya Shastra
Kalpathi Utsavamurti .Aparna Sarma Pakarnadiya also has the same message. Their mantra Darshanam of Shaivism obtained his MFA in Dance from Thanjavur Sastra University under Dr. Padma Subramaniam.

Kottayam C.V. was a disciple of dance legend Guru Gopinath. Studied dance under Bhavani Chellappan. Aparna Sharma is in a research study to preserve Guru Gopinath’s Kerala dance in its own way and pass it on to the new generation. Thiruvananthapuram Kallambalam Periya Mana Illath is the younger daughter of Iswara Sharma and Geetha Antharjanam and the great-granddaughter of Karakulam Krishnan Potti, a Sanskrit scholar of Travancore.


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