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manav exclaims he did no longer understand she changed into dwelling with such ache in her heart, he asks why did she now not percentage this with him before, she questions what would have befell, had this example changed, manav replies he doesnot know however he might not have felt so bad as he’s now, he assures he would have stood with the aid of her, she might no longer should face all this alone, akanksha exclaims some pains are to born by using a unmarried person, although he stands via her she might constantly continue to be a prisoner so he ought to permit her be, she leaves crying, manav is definitely involved.

Vibav is standing at the development website, he asks ranay if he knows what he is considering, ranay additionally questions what he’s questioning, vibhav explains that the work on this site could no longer begin for two days and maya is also not going to come lower back so what must they do, panday jee calls ranay, who fingers the cell to vibhav kapoor, panday jee mentions he has used the record of the authorities officer to get the regulation surpassed, they each greet every different while vibhav asks ranay to get the work commenced, he calls the in rate asking him to make sure there are double shifts any more because the work has also gotten really overdue, vibhav is ready to leave exclaiming that his close companion is not capable of locate kamna then they could as properly deliver an ad, but ranay exclaims he himself made amusing of this plan but vibhav replies what can they do when ranay become now not capable of get the process finished. Manav is reading the newspaper when an ad drops at the ground, he picks it up to look that the ad is of a lost canine, akanksha comes to place the lunch container on his desk, he asks her to be unfastened in the night, akanksha replies she is always free as she doesnot have any work to do, manav leaves after wishing her. Manav sits in his office while a colleague comes praising him for his paintings, manav questions rakesh what has he done, he asks him to look, ranay is distributing chocolates among the workplace personnel,

khushal jee attempts to take all of them however ranay takes returned the bag, manav sees ranay distributing the sweets, ranay also comes to give manav the chocolates, vibhav asks him to offer manav 3 or four packing containers due to the fact had it not been his document, their paintings might no longer were made felony, vibhav choices up the file from the table, announcing manav stated that he have to follow the policies, but he doesnot observe them and additionally doesnot work in accordance the regulations, rather they’re forced to work in keeping with his goals, he ought to see that his report has over again reached the desk, he need to first devour the dessert then signal it,

vibhav takes out a donut exclaiming he added it from the best bakery, manav after wondering explains he did no longer tell him, his spouse is a splendid prepare dinner so he doesnot consume something from the outside however he would have a good time in his happiness, he is taking out the ladoo which akanksha made and eats it, vibhav gets irritated then place the donut, manav exclaims if they could excuse him due to the fact he has a whole lot of work to do for the reason that guidelines have changed, vibhav stands up asking ranay to come on account that manav is really buys, standing outdoor his workplace vibhav replies that he did now not knew why he turned into no longer happy after reaching what they desired, ranay but replies he could screen a news if you want to make him happy, he reveals that maya is coming to fulfill him at one, vibhav with a grin asks him to come as they must catch maya.

Manav calls akanksha asking her what’s she doing, he explains that these days is the death anniversary of her father and he ahs additionally taken a half day but akanksha refuses to move their because she attempts to keep away from her own family, manav tries to provide an explanation for her that she must not assume so wrong of her mom, akanksha replies that she has no longer instructed him one thing, her father got worried in a rip-off even as her mom instead of standing through him always used to taunt him, she feels this became the motive her father got the heart assault, she will be able to never forgive her mom, manav convinces her by way of pronouncing this pooja is for her father, who become her hero so why is she involved about whatever else, akanksha replies she fears the whole thing might be ruined if she goes there but manav convinces her, he asks her to get equipped along side yatharth.

Manav stops the car in front of the residence, akanksha steeping out begins weeping taking into account the night when she ran away due to the fact her mom became forcing her to marry a person whom she in no way desired to marry, she enters the house when her brother right away hugs her, after greeting her, akanksha introduces karan to manav, who touches his toes, karan’s spouse comes bringing up it is his right since he’s the son in law of this house, bublé additionally takes their blessing, karan takes the call of akanksha when his wife asks why does he take her name as she is his elder sister, he exclaims that she appears young then him, akanksha replies he is the only who seems elder, akanksha’s mother additionally comes while she hugs her mom and she or he also cries thanking manav, he but exclaims he had nothing to do in it, manav then hands all of us their gifts, assuring that there is also a present, manav well-knownshows it is a wonder which will be extra tasteful after it is found out. The complete own family heads inside when they start the pooja, after it ends the pandit jee leaves when akanksha’s mother asks her sister (kanika) to bring their gifts, manav tries to refuse but akanksha replies he is the son in regulation of this house so has each right, they’re without a doubt excited to see the couples watches, yatharth receives sad questioning there may be no present for him however kanika also presents his gift, he is likewise joyed after receiving he watch, manav and akanksha begin to tease him,

everyone begins smiling seeing their love for every other, her mom prays that the existence of akanksha usually continue to be like this, bubble asks akanksha to come along with her, she shows her the portrait which she has fabricated from her, akanksha asks manav if this became the surprise which he became speaking approximately however manav exclaims this is also a surprise for him, he praises bublie. Maya acknowledges akanksha exclaiming that she became her discover, vibhav at once asks her call, maya reveals it is akanksha awasthi, vibhav exclaims she might nonetheless remain his dream although her name is not kamna.

Precap: manav sitting with chokse jee requests him to do something about his home loan due to the fact that he wants to purchase a house for them. Manav is with akanksha and yatharth, vibhav kapoor status inside the the front exclaims goals aren’t fulfilled till there is no cash, he shakes fingers with akanksha, manav comes from the again..


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