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Manav choices the ear ring earlier than Vibhav can take them, she smiles announcing they’re his, Vibhav asks him to be cautious and notice who he’s hitting, Manav mentions he turned into simply taking his belonging whilst he turned into the only who got here in among Manav turns to go away whilst Vibhav preventing him requests if he can see the ear ring, he taking it in his hand wonders wherein has he visible it earlier than, he remembers that that is the identical ear ring which the girls turned into wearing, Vibhav asks if he can hold it whilst Manav questions what’s the motive, Vibhav replies it’s far due to the fact he appreciated it however Manav replies he’s satisfied Vibhav appreciated it however that is too private as they belong to his spouse, but Vibhav exclaims he’ll provide the cash which could be more then their value, Manav replies he turned into flawed as Vibhav is aware of the distinction in great however all and sundry who continuously units the quantity doesnot appear to recognize the really well worth of any item.

Chokse jee along side Jaspal greet Ranay, Chokse asks Vibhav to return back and take a seat down down whilst Ranay questions how will he be capable of live right here as they may visit his bungalow but Chokse exclaims that pooja goes on but Vibhav replies he has now no longer come for the pooja however to fulfill the officer, Chokse exclaims that he idea Vibhav has met him pointing in the direction of Manav, but Vibhav is taken aback and so sits down at the chair whilst Chokse is going to Manav asking him to return back as it’s far some thing so that you can gain him, Manav asks Amita to head and provide this to Akanksha as she additionally left the ear ring, Vibhav seeing that is satisfied that the girls he likes isn’t always the spouse of Manav as who could be capable of stay with any such guy.

Yatharth is continuously asking Akanksha for permission to head and play with but she orders him to head and take a look at, there’s a person on the door whilst Yatharth thinks that it’s far Vinay but asks Amita wherein is Vinay, she palms Akanksha her ear ring and handbag bringing up that she left it downstairs, she asks if Akanksha is first-rate whilst she replies that she is and shuts the door, Akanksha asks Vinay to visit his room and take a look at on account that he has been gambling for the beyond week, he leaves whilst she is going to the kitchen and sits down crying after the spice drops over her.

Akanksha is weeping, she remembers how she turned into taking part withinside the Miss Indore whilst she stated that she could now no longer accept any much less as she most effective desires to meet a person who could fulfil her goals and additionally that she most effective desires to meet him, her father advocated her announcing she ought to most effective preference for the exceptional and paintings in the direction of it, her mom stated she ought to now no longer have given a solution like this as even the judges did now no longer find it irresistible but her father responded that she ought to now no longer be involved, her sister additionally favored the solution of the alternative player however on the stop whilst the winner turned into approximately to be announced, they declared Akanksha because the winner that’s whilst her father exceed that cash has quite a few energy and he had sold the judges.

Chokse jee takes Manav to Vibhav bringing up he is sort of a celeb simply because the girls who’ve their competitions and he will be the winner of them all, Manav mentions he simply met him mins in the past and did now no longer recognize he turned into a celeb in any other case could have taken his autograph, Chokse jee it’s far not anything to shaggy dog story approximately however a blessing as he has come to fulfill Manav, Vibhav exclaims he isn’t always a celeb however calls for his signature over the report of Kapoor creation report because the paintings is pending whilst Manav exclaims that it might be as they’ve now no longer observed the policies, Vibhav exclaims he doesnot observe any policies, Chokse additionally exclaims humans like him generally tend to make the policies but Manav exclaims he can’t fo any signatures over the documents due to the fact he isn’t always like that and if Vibhav desires his venture to development with none fear then ought to observe the policies as then he could now no longer want his signatures, Manav leaves, Vibhav turns to go away whilst Jaspal exclaims he has simply been transferred right here however is a own circle of relatives guy as his antique colleague defined him. Vibhav exclaims he is aware of if a person may be bribed however he is aware of Manav isn’t always like that so it might be smooth to bribe him, and he could most effective signal the papers on Monday.

Manav enters the residence whilst he involved as he can’t see Akanksha, he going to Yatharth asks what’s he doing as his eyes are elsewhere whilst he has a ee-e book located Infront of him, he asks Yatharth if Akanksha scolded him, needs the motive however Yatharth says he can’t monitor it as Maa warned him to simply take a look at, Manav exclaims they may visit Museum as these days is Sunday so that they ought to enjoy, Yatharth is involved if Akanksha could agree however Manav assures she can be able to conform to any expertise primarily based totally trip.
Vibhav is speaking to the portrait of Akanksha exclaiming he felt involved after seeing the identical ear earrings withinside the palms of Manav, as for a second he tho9jhgt she turned into his spouse however he turned into relieved whilst he got here to recognize who the actual spouse of Manav is, he wonders what call ought to he provide to her, he subsequently settles at Kamana as she is his preference, he hears Ranay looking to forestall a person, Devika getting into the room whilst Vibhav asks what goes on, she says she desires to ask this from him due to the fact he isn’t always answering her calls, Vibhav asks if she forgot they were given in a combat whilst Devika questions each couple receives in a combat however it doesnot suggest they’ve damaged up, he asks her to return back and take a seat down down whilst sending Ranay.

Manav involves Akanksha wondering what befell to her, she replies her belly turned into disappointed so she got here returned, he questions if she has taken the drugs whilst she agrees. He exclaims he did now no longer recognize she genuinely received the omit Indore opposition as he continually idea she turned into without a doubt stunning however in no way imagined she could have genuinely received it, Akanksha exclaims what’s the massive deal if she received a small opposition, Manav exclaims he desires to recognize the entirety related to her however Akanksha turning returned exclaims they could in no way speak approximately this subject matter withinside the future.

Precap: Manav asks Akanksha if she likes the get dressed but, she refuses to shop for it, he attempts to recognize the motive, however Akanksha leaves which issues him. Manav is withinside the automobile with Chokse sir, he realizes they’re going to the residence of Vibhav Kapoor, Manav sits Infront of him.


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