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In the night time Akanksha is sitting together along with her buddy who asks why has she now no longer known as her for the residence warming birthday birthday celebration even after moving to her new residence, Akanksha exclaims that she can be able to simplest name her after moving it to the bungalow, Rhea exclaims she extensively utilized to stay like a princess, Akanksha exclaims there’s a large distinction withinside the beyond and present, citing that she doesnot need to do not forget whatever from her beyond, she asks Rhea to look across the destiny citing that no person right here is aware of her anymore so that is for the excellent.

Vibhav is with the artist who’s portray the photo of Akanksha, Vibhav is definitely surprised with it citing that the face is sort of a diamond which he himself noticed together along with his personal eyes and is definitely satisfied he fell in love together along with her.

Rhea exclaims is Akanksha definitely satisfied that no understand is aware of her anymore, Akanksha replies it’s miles due to the fact they might begin thinking her approximately her beyond, how humans might examine her beyond with the prevailing then think about her like a loser so she has additionally forgot the antique Akanksha.

Vibhav is satisfied approximately the portray citing he has additionally discovered plenty approximately the face, because the eyes of her display she is definitely tensed approximately some thing and dreams some thing, that means that she has grow to be part of a person who doesnot deliver her the due recognize which she dreams, that it’s miles displaying the scent of loneliness which he is likewise going through and now they each might stop the void of their lives.

Rhea asks Akanksha to show the fact approximately if she is definitely happy, whilst Akanksha exclaims it might had been definitely excellent if she had gotten the entirety however after assembly Manav she established that every time she has is right sufficient and Yatharth is her great present, she smiles for what she has.

Vibhav seeing the portrait mentions how he additionally feels this is now his dream to fulfil her dreams which he has taken into consideration it as his mission.

In the morning Akanksha is getting prepared whilst Manav wakes up thinking why did she awaken so early, Akanksha replies it isn’t so early and if she had gotten late, he might had been the only to impeach her, annoying that she get prepared early. Manav sits withinside the lower back even as she is getting prepared, Akanksha questions what he’s doing as every time she attempts to get prepared, he involves sit, she receives aware. Manav exclaims what’s the want to be aware as she is definitely quite or even if she went with out getting prepared even then will be the maximum beautiful, she asks him to forestall all of it and additionally get prepared himself as he’s going to additionally have to speak to Chaukse jee approximately the Bungalow, Manav realizes he might have to speak.

Akanksha walks out with Manav whilst Khushal jee at once welcomes them each citing how all of them had been expecting her, he at once corrects it, explaining they may be searching definitely beautiful, Chaukse jee additionally joins them, Manav introduces his own circle of relatives or even Chaukse jee explains they each are the great searching couple withinside the pooja, Akanksha sitting exclaims her ear ring is loose, Manav gives to location it in his pocket, Akanksha replies then have to she put on simply one ear ring.

Akanksha and Amita are each feeding Vinay and Yatharth even as they may be gambling, Amita exclaims Vinay were given depressed after coming to Indore however ever in view that Yatharth got here he has gotten definitely excited. Akanksha exclaim all people is worked up besides for her, Akanksha asks if she will ask Amita a query if she doesnot mind, Akanksha questions she unexpectedly shifted to Indore or even Vinay is definitely younger, does she now no longer locate it tough to be a unmarried parent, Amita mentions she feels it isn’t that tough as she receives to make her personal decisions. Akanksha exclaims that she doesnot experience she might be capable of do it on her personal, Amita doesnot understand, whilst Akanksha explains she can not deal with Yatharth on my own but Amita assures her there’s no cause to assume like this as she is aware of Manav, he might in no way deliver her a cause to be on my own. Akanksha asks Amita who’s the person, she explains he’s Jaspal jee on whose role Manav has arrived.

Akanksha is going to them complete they may be talking, Jaspal jee explains he can not vacate the residence until six months due to the assessments of his daughter, but Akanksha explains it isn’t a cause to be concerned approximately, she will live with them until her papers in the meantime they may take the procession of the Bungalow but Chaukse jee interrupting mentions it isn’t that however she doesnot get in contact with new humans so effortlessly and it’d have an effect on her grades, Jaspal jee is of the same opinion together along with his factor of view and refuses to assist them, Akanksha receives mad pronouncing what’s this behaviour as she has given them this kind of excellent answer however they may be now no longer prepared to simply accept whatever, Jaspal asks Manav to speak together along with his spouse as she can not communicate with them in this kind of manner, he additionally takes her aspect thinking what has she stated wrong, he wishes to vacate the residence but Jaspal jee says that he can not shift, Akanksha in anger exclaims that she can be able to now no longer endure it due to the fact she is aware of the technique of the authorities officials, she can be able to now no longer allow it be, Jaspal jee asks Chaukse jee what has he made him do due to the fact even if his residence is sort of prepared, he’s compelled to concentrate to this frustration of a ladies, Chaukse jee receives a telecellsmartphone name of Ranay who asks why has the report now no longer been cleared from his office, he replies that he’s already running on it due to the fact the authorities officer who isn’t clearing the report is attending a pooja and he is likewise attending it, so will use the problem of his residence to get the report signed, Vibhav exclaims he doesnot have any extra time so goes to return back through himself.

Vibhav riding withinside the automobile exclaims he for the primary time goes to head and meet a central authority authentic to get the report signed, but he asks Ranay why did he now no longer get to understand approximately the ladies because it has been a week, he exclaims he is aware of Ranay doesnot decide upon it however should overlook all of the policies which he has concept off due to the fact he’s his proper hand and have to comply with his orders, Ranay apologizes assuring he might genuinely do it.

Akanksha is gambling the sport with Manav even as he attempts to feed her however she doesnot need to eat, se continues on gambling and is likewise definitely excited whilst the spouse of Kushal jee exclaims she is smiling like a younger woman after sporting a whole lot of makeup, even as she likes to stay easy the woman sitting subsequent to her gets a textual content message from her sister and is bowled over to recognise that Akanksha is the omit splendor from 2013, she is ready to greet her however is stopped through the spouse of Khushal who exclaims if she desires to make her extra famous through revealing it, Khushal unearths out so he reads out the closing digit, and Akanksha sooner or later manages to win the sport, Kushal exhibits she is the winner of Miss Indore, Manav questions what’s he pronouncing due to the fact he did now no longer understand that his spouse became the winner however Akanksha desires to go away but Manav forcefully takes her to take the present, Akanksha isn’t definitely happy, she feels stressed whilst the neighbour comes praising her for her splendor explaining that she have to be withinside the movie line, Akanksha leaves pronouncing she isn’t feeling well, she takes the hand of Yatharth pulling him together along with her even as Manav is following her, Vibhav additionally reaches the pooja with Ranay and goes for the condo of Manav.

Vibhav sees the earring which Akanksha, he kneels to select out it up however earlier than that Manav manages to select out it, he apologizes to Vibhav who asks him to be cautious who he’s hitting however Manav replies he became simply choosing what belongs to him withinside the first location.

Precap: Akanksha is crying pronouncing that every one the ladies withinside the society are guffawing at her pronouncing that her son is analyzing withinside the authorities school. Manav is with Vibhav who explains he can present this residence to his own circle of relatives and it additionally comes with a whole lot of gifts, Manav smiles seeing them..


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