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Akanksha is stunned to look her mom who asks if she could even name them into her residence, Khushal jee questions who them are each whilst her sister famous she is the elder sister of Akanksha even as that is her mom, Khushal jee in pleasure exclaims that he could set up for the refreshment however seeing Akanksha he leaves for his workplace, she opens the door of the flat asking them each to return back inside.

Mr Kapoor sees Akanksha at the tv whilst he throwing the far flung is going to Ranay asking she changed into proper in the front of him on the pooja then how is it viable he did now no longer see her, Ranay apologizes pronouncing that he changed into now no longer capable of see her, Mr Kapoor exclaims this indicates he has made a mistake so himself is aware of what he need to do, Mr Kapoor going close to the tv takes the image of Akanksha whilst Ranay attempts to forestall him, Mr Kapoor exclaims that that is in opposition to his rules, he asks what’s in his pocket whilst Ranay famous they may be empty, Mr Kapoor exclaims that is why he must placed those values in his pocket as it’s miles a count of affection so he can do it, Mr Kapoor leaves.

Akanksha’s mom even as status withinside the residence exclaims that she concept in the end the ones years she could ask her to return back and take a seat down down however she has now no longer even troubled to invite her something, Akanksha questions how did she get the cope with of this residence, her sister exclaims that she were given the cope with due to the fact Manav referred to as her or even she texted her but their changed into no reply, she provide an explanation for they have got come right here to assist her set her residence or even delivered the meals for her, her mom exclaims that now she has additionally come to stay in Indore, Akanksha exclaims it’s miles transient as Manav could really manipulate to get himself transferred inside a year, her mom mentions there is lots of distinction among Manav and her father who continually used to present the bribe to get the switch however Manav won’t be capable of do it, Akanksha exclaims she is positive he’ll do it whilst her mom warns her to now no longer be so adamant that she ruins the whole thing. Akanksha asks her sister to look,

their mom is similar to before, she wants to manage every and each string and is even now judging her, Akanksha’s sister exclaims this isn’t always the case as even Maa wants to be glad, Akanksha choices up the container to depart whilst her mom questions why does she now no longer need to stay in Indore, Akanksha replies due to the fact she lives right here along side folks who are like her, there’s additionally an additional thing, that Papa isn’t always alive and she or he must forestall pronouncing horrific matters approximately him, simply due to the fact she can’t see to fulfil her desires and her father continually needed to fulfil them, she need to forestall pronouncing horrific matters approximately him,

he changed into the simplest one that cared for her and after his loss of life she feels all her desires has additionally died, her mom exclaims she additionally loves her however Akanksha continually aleven though of her recommendation as some thing incorrect due to the fact despite the fact that the drugs is sour it’s miles essential for the cure, Akanksha leaves pronouncing she desires to head and meet her pal Rhea.

Akanksha’ s mom status exclaims she remains walking similar to 8 years ago, she thinks how Akanksha ran away at the marriage day, she got here into her room however were given stunned due to the fact she changed into now no longer there or even her sister got here asking in which Akanksha is due to the fact her brother-in-regulation is ready dressed as a groom. She asks why Maa remains considering the ones matters due to the fact she feels Akanksha made the proper choice as she appears glad but her mom exclaims, they could in no way do something top for Akanksha as she is similar to her father, so she asks her to return back together along with her as she now no longer desires to live on this residence.

Akanksha sits down at the ground crying her hearts out, Manav withinside the workplace wonders what has took place due to the fact she isn’t always answering her name, Akanksha even as pouring the water thinks of the night time whilst she changed into getting geared up as a bride and her sister got here to advocate her why is she so careless with the dress, she then advised her that her brother in regulation additionally surely likes her,

he looks after the own circle of relatives enterprise however she replied without a doubt that she has no hobby in marrying him due to the fact he has the equal center magnificence thinking, her mom coming into stated even they may be a center magnificence own circle of relatives due to the fact the highly-priced which her father additionally furnished have been on loan, now he has handed away however left them with a massive debt so she need to marry him. A woman comes calling them because the barat has arrived, they each go away whilst Akanksha modifications her dress, she thinks her sister has universal this own circle of relatives, however she can be able to now no longer do the equal and can’t stay like this, she then ran away.

Akanksha abruptly realizes that Manav is looking her so attends it, he famous top information that he talked together along with his boss who confident he’ll attempt to get the bungalow from Jaspal however if he isn’t always capable of, they could then rent any residence which they like. Akanksha questions why he gave their cope with to her sister and mom, he asks how she got here to understand, clarifying that once they may come to satisfy her she can be able to experience surely nice, she explains that he can pay attention from her voice how properly she is feeling as that they’d already come to satisfy her. She ends the name-in anger.

Nariyan Kaka comes bringing up that Jokhse sir is looking him, Manav asks if he referred to as him, Jokhse sir mentions Kapoor industries approach Vibhav Kapoor and he’s the president of the actual property affiliation so how did he reject the record, Manav explains he could should rethink his architect plan due to the fact he first sought the permission for a thirty tale constructing however then is making plans to construct a fifty tale, He assures he has concept approximately the choice, Jhokse sir exclaims that he is aware of this whilst Manav requests to head domestic early due to the fact his spouse is by myself so he feels to spend a while together along with her.

Mr Kapoor is going to the web website online whilst the in fee exclaims that this time their constructing could additionally be finished early from the cut-off date however there’s only a hassle with the record, Mr Kapoor explains it can’t show up as the whole thing can forestall however now no longer their project, he asks Ranay to discover who stopped their record and punish him, a vehicle stops and a girl stepping out exclaims he must be the only who’s punished due to the fact he has wronged everyone, Vibhav exclaims she can’t stay with out him so has come after him.

Akanksha questions why did he come early on his first day due to the fact what could the colleagues consider him, Manav exclaims that all of them understand he loves his spouse a lot, she asks if he cares a lot then why did he now no longer inform her approximately her own circle of relatives, Manav assures that he forgot to inform her due to the fact her sister referred to as him withinside the night time and he couldn’t disguise the cope with from her even if they stay withinside the equal city, but she remains surely mad, he exclaims he simplest recalls her.

The ladies asks Vibhav why is he pretending to take care of her sister whilst all of them understand that he has snatched her property, Vibhav exclaims he isn’t always afraid of the faux threats due to the fact human beings like her did now no longer even care to satisfy her and now are worrying the property, she exclaims she can be able to name the courtroom docket to this operating web website online if he doesnot come to the hearing, she even threatens him after which leaves, he smiles waving at her.

Precap: Akanksha even as washing the dishes mentions the night time whilst she ran to satisfy him changed into the worst night time of her life, Manav is greatly surprised to pay attention it, Akanksha is on foot with Yatharth whilst she drops her earing, Vibhav sees it and is ready to choose it up whilst Manav takes it, Vibhav asks to have a study it then requests if he can preserve it however Manav exclaims it’s miles too non-public for him as this belongs to his spouse, Vibhav is stunned to pay attention this..


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