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Manav enters the residence whilst Yatharth is gambling is game, he sees that Akanksha is siitng unluckily withinside the chair, he involves her whilst she exclaims he could be questioning how she even after being the daughter of a central authority reliable isn’t always information the workings of a central authority reliable, Akanksha exclaims that he have to see this residence as it’s far virtually small, he would depart for paintings and Yatharth will move to high school whilst she may be left on my own however how will she stay here, she is likewise a daughter of a central authority reliable and in no way noticed all of us practise below any circumstance, he stops her crying asking her to return back inside.

Manav explains to Akanksha that bungalow is only a constructing which could be finished via way of means of them each, Akanksha exclaims that what if he isn’t always capable of combat whilst the time involves which Manav exclaims she have to in no way speak like this due to the fact he can do whatever for her and Yatharth however she have to for now have the dinner which he added as she has had not anything to consume for the beyond 5 hours due to which she is getting like this, Yatharth questions what’s Ghussi, Manav exclaims she is the more youthful sister of anger ( Ghussa). He even takes out a cup of lassi, inquiring for Akanksha to take it. There is likewise loadshedding, Akanksha exclaims that now it might now no longer appear how small the residence is.

Mr Kapoor is having the dinner whilst the newscaster well-knownshows that Sankhni Kapoor says Vibhav Kapoor is a virtually smart him, and being, Ranay comes informing that the photo has arrived from Italy, he’s virtually surprised via way of means of the body or even mentions the photo is nice, he seeing it exclaims had she been p[resent then could have visible how a hit he has made his company, he instructs them to dangle it over the fireside and additionally to region a Haar over it, Ranay requests him to permit or not it’s however Vaibhav exclaims he additionally misses her however the person that ahs now no longer are available 4 years, he even misses her.

Yatharth exclaims he’s virtually scared due to the fact there are ghosts withinside the dark, Manav requests the ghost if he’s gift then have to switch on the inverter, but the mild doesnot come to which Manav exclaims that this proves there isn’t always a ghost so there may be no want to be afraid, she asks him to assume via way of means of himself what’s occurring as this proves they had been higher off in Bhopal, he acts as a movie big name whilst she asks him to move and spot for himself, however stands to herself test it, Manav requests her to study the brighter side, Akanksha exclaims she can’t see it due to the darkness, Manav exclaims they have got a hazard to consume at a candle lit dinner, Akanksha exclaims who could carry the candle whilst Manav well-knownshows he has added them himself, then Akanksha leaves exclaiming she can be able to carry the dishes, Yatharth asks if Manav had virtually deliberate the dinner however he says that he did now no longer do whatever and Khushal jee gave them the lighting as he instructed him that there may be a consistent hassle of loadshedding.

In the morning Manav wakes up whilst he’s greatly surprised to peer Akanksha putting the calender, he’s bowled over to peer that she has set the complete kitchen, earlier than he can say whatever she exclaims he could say how does she manipulate to do the entirety like this and she or he is virtually smart, Manav mentions she favored to mention the equal due to the fact until closing night time she turned into virtually irritated and did now no longer desired to stay on this residence however now has set the complete kitchen, Akanksha exclaims it turned into due to the mosquitoes as she feels that Indore has all the mosquitoes from the complete country, Manav assures she can be able to carry the coil for them, she asks him to move and get prepared for the workplace as he have to put up any letter required, she can be able to additionally put together the breakfast, he leaves after kissing her.

Khushal jee is displaying the personnel image of Akanksha asking them to peer how lovely she is, the peon in their workplace leaves after seeing them each whilst Manav after coming into the workplace additionally calls him Kaka, he exclaims that handiest individuals who paintings withinside the workplace can name him Kaka in any other case his call is Nariyan jee, Manav mentions via way of means of his rule he could have to name him Kaka as he’ll additionally paintings withinside the equal workplace, Nariyan jee exclaims he’s the officer of the land and environment, he apologizes however Manav mentions there may be no want, Nariyan je exclaims his own circle of relatives is virtually lovely,

Manav asks whilst did he see them, Nariyan jee explains that Khushal je has taken a image on his cell and is displaying everyone, Khushal je mentions there may be not anything like this due to the fact he simply took the image due to the fact he turned into assembly Jaspal however there may be not anything to be concerned approximately, Manav asks Khushal jee to now no longer take the aspect of all of us else simply as small as a image with out the permission, Khushal jee point out he may be proven to his workplace, Manav meets Amita after which they each exclaim how it’s far the gain in their authorities workplace that they are able to meet every different even after being transferred,

Amita asks if he has met the officer after which he requests the in rate if he can take care of the state of affairs of his residence however the in rate explains he can’t do whatever approximately it for the reason that Jaspal je stated he’ll now no longer shift until six months however Manav can search for any other flat which the workplace pays for with the allowance.

Akanksha is coming again with the important gadgets for the residence whilst Yatharth continuously asks her to take them however she explains he have to additionally raise them, Vinay calls him from in the back of, he straight away asks Yatharth to return back as he’ll display him his new residence, Yatharth asks if he can move and Akanksha lets in asking him to be careful, he already is aware of what she can be able to say so runs away with out choosing the bins,

Akanksha attempts to kneel however Khushal jee forcefully alternatives them up following her, his spouse is with any other girls who asks approximately the girl who her husband is following she explains that she is the spouse of an officer, Khushal is continuously following Akanksha exclaiming she is virtually quite and doesnot appear a mom of a son, he believes Manav jee is virtually fortunate to have a spouse like her, he in a low exclaims he additionally cares for her, she feels angry together along with his flirting and turns to her flat, she is greatly surprised to peer her mom and sister standing, Akanksha remembers how she turned into being compelled to marry the brother in regulation of her sister.

Precap: Mr Kapoor asks Ranay how turned into he now no longer capable of see her whilst she surpassed via way of means of in the front of him, Manav asks Akanksha how lengthy will she stay with what came about 8 years in the past and have to overlook them, as they now stay withinside the equal city. The in rate coming asks Manav how he stopped the report of Kapoor industries, Manav exclaims the guideline of thumb have to be equal for all. Vibhav asks Ranay to parent out who stopped the report as he have to be punished, a person from in the back of exclaims he’s right, and that they have to certainly be punished.


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