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In the morning Akanksha is doing away with the letters whilst Manav is correcting the books, he asks if she is aware of how lots his earnings is increasing, he well-knownshows that it’s miles twenty 5 thousand, Akanksha isn’t capable of near her mouth and exclaims she can be able to purchase a brand new tv for his or her dwelling room, Manav exclaims there’s a situation with the advertising, he asks her to study it further, she is stunned to study they may must pass to Indore, Yatharth is certainly excited as Vinay has additionally long gone to Indore together along with his mom, Akanksha says that they’ll in no way visit Indore below any circumstance, Yatharth asks why did mom get irritated, Manav exclaims there’s not anything to fear approximately however he have to move outdoor to play because it will assist him stay fit.

Mr Kapoor is status while one of the attendees of the birthday birthday celebration exclaims Mr Kapoor is the actual property king of Indore, day after today will be the pooja for his new skyscraper of Indore, his secretary asks his non-public employee for the own circle of relatives contributors who will attend the characteristic, he replies that nobody from his own circle of relatives will come as he doesnot have any left.

Akanksha is status withinside the balcony recalling how her mom stated they have to assume earlier than marrying however her father exclaimed that his daughter is an real princess, Manav comes citing she have to have the ginger lemon tea as then she can be able to sense nice, she asks if he has made it but he replies that he ordered it, Akanksha exclaims he have to refuse the advertising as they can’t shift to Indore,

Manav exclaims he in no way does whatever with out even speakme to him, he is aware of she doesnot like Indore even if her complete own circle of relatives lives there, he asks if she had visible his uncle dancing in Indore and so determined to in no way stay withinside the identical town, Manav explains he requested Bansal sir to switch him to some other town however he as a substitute were given irritated,

Akanksha exclaims that is why he agreed however he mentions the simple cause changed into the earnings and he notion of ways he might be capable of fulfil her small dreams and additionally how she attempts to get Yatharth for extraordinary guides so he felt she is probably capable of fulfil them, that’s why he notion of taking the advertising, Akanksha is of the same opinion while Yatharth comes asking them to peer who has arrived, Manav excitingly greets his pal, Akanksha asks in the event that they have shifted to Bhopal however he replies they got here for a few paintings so notion of assembly Manav to congratulate him for his advertising.

Akanksha allotting the meals asks what changed into the want to speak together along with her if he had already determined to take the advertising, Manav assures it isn’t the case however Akanksha asks then why did they each arrive with the meals, Manav replies how he known as him whilst he changed into withinside the workplace and in exhilaration he advised him approximately the advertising, Akanksha exclaims she is aware of why he’s so keen approximately going to Indore, as his own circle of relatives lives their and additionally her own circle of relatives is in Indore,

she questions why is he so selfish, Manav questions what does she suggest due to the fact he usually talks together along with her, Akanksha begins offevolved getting irritated while Rhea comes, she but apologizes for intruding asking if there’s any problem, Akanksha replies it’s miles not anything like that however she changed into simply asking Manav to tell her earlier than as she would possibly have organized true dinner, Rhea questions why is she being so formal as that is additionally their house, Manav asks what does she suggest as they were giving the hire to the incorrect man or woman. Rhea takes a plate, Manav prays that he get the strength.

Yatharth speakme with Vinay exclaim that he’s additionally going to return back to Indore, Vinay additionally receives certainly excited.

Rhea is together along with her husband who exclaims Manav is certainly blessed as first he were given the authorities activity then married Akanksha or even has a stunning son, Manav exclaims he needed to paintings lots for Yatharth, Akanksha scolds him, while Manav exclaims he’ll reflect onconsideration on coming to indore however his pal insists that he come considering that it’s miles a stunning town, Yatharth additionally exclaims he have to visit Indore as he promised Vinay.

Manav asks Aansh to play his favored tune, Rhea asks which tune is he speakme approximately, Yatharth exclaims the only which he changed into paying attention to while he first met Maa, Aansh begins offevolved making a song the tune while Manav asks Akanksha for a dance, they each stand to bop and certainly enjoy, Rhea asks if he is aware of that Saurabh sir has emerge as a principal, Manav leaves to assist Yatharth to visit sleep, Rhea sits with Akanksha citing how she did now no longer assume she can be able to live on this marriage for therefore long, Akanksha leaves while Aansh asks what changed into she speakme approximately, Rhea exclaims that this isn’t what she intended however changed into simply announcing that Akanksha usually desired to marry a person who can offer her with luxurious and take her on overseas journeys however then how did she marry Manav, Akanksha additionally exclaims she doesnot realize while she fell in love with him.

Mr Kapoor is sitting drinking; he’s simplest considering Akanksha questioning he doesnot realize she has gotten trapped or has he gotten trapped in her one visit. Rana asks while he have to set a assembly with Panday je as his PA is continuously asking him, Mr Kapoor replies Panday isn’t coming for the pooja however to set for his penthouse so will come each time he’s invited, Mr Kapoor asks Ranay if he’ll like a drink however Ranay leaves.

Manav speakme on the decision asks if they’ll come withinside the morning, Akanksha questions who’s going to return back, he replies the only who doesnot stay with anybody as he has damaged an FD to go back the cash to Misses Manchanda, Akanksha apologizes as due to her he changed into compelled to interrupt the FD, Manav asks why she is so tensed due to the fact she have to stay satisfied together along with her dreams, Akanksha questions how can she stay happy understanding he left twenty 5 thousand rupees due to her, and there’s additionally the query of his suspension, Manav asks if she is aware of the paranormal night time, Akanksha exclaims she can be able to now no longer be capable of overlook as he’ll now no longer allow her.

Manav questions why she desires to overlook that nigh while she changed into looking ahead to him outdoor his house, he recollects how she known as him withinside the night time to invite for cash to pay the taxi driving force while he requested what she changed into doing right here as it changed into her wedding ceremony day however she proposed to him, and he additionally hugged her.

Manav exclaims this changed into the day while he vowed to ensure he continues his spouse satisfied and could do it, Akanksha query what’s going to manifest due to the fact he would possibly get suspended, Manav exclaims that it isn’t that smooth to get him suspended that smooth, Akanksha questions then what’s going to manifest to Yatharth due to the fact he changed into so excited while Manav exclaims he has determined an answer as they’ll take Vinay for marital arts classes, Akanksha mentions that one she did now no longer just like the town wherein her father changed into transferred so can he do the identical for her, he doesnot apprehend while she asks will he be capable of get the switch from Indore inside a year, he is of the same opinion and holds her hand in exhilaration.

In the morning Mr Manchanda is calling whilst they may be loading the tempo, Misses Manchanda exclaims that his overwhelm is transferring so what’s going to manifest to him, she mentions how Akanksha took 90 thousand from her so might she go back them, Mr Manchanda assures her there’s not anything to fear approximately Yatharth requests the man or woman to be cautious together along with his boxes, Manav sitting withinside the vehicle asks Akanksha to undergo the warmth one extra time as he is likewise getting a brand new vehicle with the advertising, all of them power off.

In Indore the characteristic is ready to begin and Panday jee additionally arrives on the location, Mr Kapoor welcomes him citing that the paintings on his penthouse has additionally started, they each proportion fun together.

Precap: Manav is proven to the quarter, Akanksha exclaims they have to were allocated a bungalow, the man or woman explains they were allocated a bungalow however it has now no longer but been vacated, Akanksha but insists that she can be able to simplest shift right into a bungalow, Mr Kapoor explains they get in problem due to such sincere people, Manav sits in the front of him, Mr Kapoor exclaims they paintings to stay and now no longer stay to paintings.


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