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Manav sis in the front of the potato questioning what may be the motive that Akanksha concealed one of these massive fact or even now doesnot need to speak approximately it, he wonders what sort of the fact wouldn’t it not be, Yatharth comes going for walks announcing that he’s ready, Manav additionally assures he might additionally get ready, he then additionally asks Akanksha to move and get ready, she immediately questions in which do they ought to pass whilst she replies they constantly exit on a Sunday, he says she has commenced forgetting after coming to Indore whilst she replies she did now no longer ask them to come, Manav apologizes announcing it become only a funny story however Akanksha exclaims she is feeling a headache however can not exit with them, she leaves which concerns Yatharth who questions why is Mom now no longer going with them but Manav replies there may be not anything like that, he have to pass downstairs to play the sport.

Devika withinside the room with Vibhav says that he doesnot need to expose their relation to the sector however why did he forestall speakme to her, Vibhav exclaims there may be not anything left to speak so their courting has ended, but Devika insists that he now no longer go away her assuring she might conceal their relation, now no longer take any pictures however stay with only a relation in their hearts, Vibhav exclaims what she is doing is known as being obsessed, but Devika replies it’s far referred to as love, she exclaims she nevertheless loves him but Vibhav replies he doesnot love her and by no means did, he leaves asking how lots sugar might she absorb her coffee. Devika hugs him, he praises her earring then pointing to the portrait of Akanksha asks if he is aware of in which he can locate the rings withinside the portrait, however she exclaims one might ought to look for them. Vibhav exclaims that is the trouble with lifestyles as he feels he might ought to look for the ladies his whole lifestyles, Devika exclaims this indicates he’s dumping her for this girl.

Akanksha withinside the kitchen is getting ready the food, she is continuously considering the declaration which Khushal jee stated, she hears the cries so then is going to peer the video of herself gambling of the time whilst she become pregnant with Yatharth and her belly ac aching lots, she requested Manav what have to she do, he requested her to lie down on her facet as that is what the health practitioner stated, he then introduced the pizza for her which she complained approximately with the aid of using announcing that the chilli flakes are really fakes. Manav really comes with the identical masks complaining approximately ache in his belly, he is taking out the pizza asking her to eat, he questions on it whilst she replies the identical, he another time laughs whilst she questions how can he chuckle at her bad jokes, Manav explains he’s nevertheless loopy for her even nowadays and also will continue to be the identical withinside the future, even if they’ll attain the age of 80 years antique. Akanksha appears into his eyes, he selections the pizza, she exclaims he’s simply because the identical chezzy whilst Manav says they are able to pass for time out as this manner her temper might change, she asks him to name Yatharth announcing she can be able to now no longer percentage her pizza whilst he asks if she might now no longer even percentage with her, she but refuses explaining due to the fact she is sharing her whole lifestyles with him, is it now no longer sufficient whilst Manav exclaims that she have to continue to be with the aid of using his facet for the relaxation of his stay.

Vibhav is taking walks with Devika explaining he in reality cares for her, however this relation has to end, she exclaims if he likes her a lot then why isn’t always giving the connection a ultimate chance, he’s pointing Katrina to the flower says that after whilst the plant life die down, they can not be the identical ever again, he needs the great for her, however that is the end. Vibhav asks her to peer his residence for the ultimate time, he’s constantly there for her as a buddy, however she need to neglect about him, he opens the door of the taxi for her seeing her off, he asks Ranay how the ladies were given internal whilst Ranay says he doesnot how she become capable of even if he had advised the guards, however Vibhav asks him to name the commissioner if she ever involves their residence.

Manav is taking walks whilst Yatharth runs to the temple, all of them pray, Yatharth prays that their dad and mom constantly continue to be collectively smiling, whilst taking walks outdoor Manav asks he is aware of what they get however Yatharth exclaims his want become now no longer fulfilled as Mom isn’t always happy, whilst Akanksha turning asks if this become his want, she hugs him smiling.

Vibhav is gambling the sport withinside the vehicle whilst Ranay comes announcing that he has observed a manner to locate the ladies, he then calls someone explaining he’s a hacker who additionally helped them lots withinside the project, he’s positive he can do that to assist them.
Akanksha is sitting with Yatharth whilst she sees a few those who say that she is a in reality ordinary ladies who’s nevertheless residing a lifestyles as a easy ladies even after being Miss Indore, all of them begin taking walks in the direction of her disturbing a selfie, she rushes away with Yatharth and bumps into Manav who questions what has happened, she appears round however doesnot see everybody so feels that it is probably her thoughts, she insists on going domestic to which Manav agrees.

Manav is withinside the vehicle together along with his buddy who asks how he like his vehicle did, Manav replies it’s far in reality nice, he asks if he knew that Akanksha become Miss Indore, the buddy replies Rhea informed him asking if Manav did now no longer recognise, Manav replies he did now no longer and might himself communicate to Rhea approximately the motive due to the fact a person introduced it loudly, Akanksha is tensed after that, Manav additionally asks if he is aware of approximately Vibhav Kapoor, his buddy replies that all of them recognise approximately him due to the fact it’s far stated that he has reached this function with the aid of using the use of the help of his deceased wife. Manav asks Chokse je is he known as him, Chokse sir exclaims they’re getting in reality overdue and want to go away, Manav right away questions on the motive, Chokse sir exclaims he’s his boss so he can comply with his orders with asking question, they’re seated on the again seat of the vehicle, Manav realizes they’ve reached the residence of Vibhav Kapoor.

The episode ends

Precap: Vibhav explains that the sincere humans like Manav donot provide them the respect of serving them, Manav replies it’s far due to the fact they have a tendency to suppose of having their paintings done. Ranay explains they’ve observed an eight-year-antique advert, Vibhav orders them to locate the corporation who shot this advert as he become positive his Kamana might now no longer be any everyday ladies…


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