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In the morning Manav is calling on the pix smiling, Akanksha appears at him pronouncing he likes the younger and exquisite Akanksha higher then him, he says that she is even greater stunning nowadays, Manav asks her to peer how stunning she is calling in a single image but she questions how is it possible, he mentions it’s far genuine she is greater state-of-the-art nowadays however she became carefree, Manav exclaims she has gotten in debt as soon as again, Akanksha questions how is it possible, he exclaims it’s far of the god as he feels someday he could ask him to pay for searching at this kind of stunning smile from so close, Akanksha exclaim then she could now no longer smile from now one in any other case he could get indebted, Manav request her to now no longer do this kind of issue whilst she replies not anything can take place now, he additionally smiles pronouncing he has one proposition and then she can be able to smile, she excitingly asks if he goes to present her a brand new cellular then he replies that it’s far a brand new app wherein she will be able to order all of the new instances which she dreams and could even get a coins again, she says he can do something for saving the cash.

Akanksha leaning on his chest exclaims he can do something for her dreams, he says now he feels that he could should spend a variety of cash due to the fact she usually does this whilst she dreams some thing from him, she asks if she should buy the brand new cellular, but Manav wonders how could they purchase a cellular really well worth 90 thousand, Akanksha mentions it appears sincerely steeply-priced now however they should buy it in instalments of 9 months, he thinks this will imply six thousand for one year plus the down charge of fifteen thousand, she in pleasure exclaim can she have it via way of means of the following day but Manav requests her for at the least to 3 months, she hugs him and that they each are approximately to kiss every different whilst their son calls Akanksha, she is going to him asking what took place, he replies that he noticed a sincerely horrific dream, Manav asks if he noticed his math teacher, he replies that he noticed a monster who became asking him the spelling of Mississippi, they each proportion a giant giggle after which exclaim he can sleep among them each for nowadays, Siddharth sitting asks Akanksha why does he now no longer sleep with them anymore, Manav says it’s far due to the fact he’s now and antique boy however Sidharth says he’s the antique boy so why does he sleep with Mama, Manav says Akanksha will solution it, Akanksha says that she dreams he do all of his paintings via way of means of himself as he if went to hostel then he’ll do the whole thing via way of means of himself, Manav asks Akanksha why could their son visit hostel, Akanksha exclaims that they look at exact there however Manav assures he could now no longer cross anywhere.

In the morning Manav asks Siddharth why he’s so concerned however he doesnot respond whilst Akanksha replies that his time period effects are going to return back, Manav asks him to now no longer be concerned when you consider that as in line with authorities regulation they can’t fail any scholar until 7th grade, Akanksha questions what has took place to him when you consider that she wishes their baby to usually rating the fine marks and feature the pinnacle function, Manav replies this college students are given grades now however Akanksha exclaims that even then he could have the pinnacle function as instructors best name the call of these college students who’ve the fine marks.

Manav asks Akanksha to peer that the destination, she asks him to return back again with the merchandising letter and additionally for Siddharth to get exact marks. They each agree after which leave.

Mr Kapoor enters the residence wherein a girls is anticipating him, he says that he wishes the pics of the spelling bee opposition which took direction of their college, but she replies she has decided on the fine pics of him but Mr Kapoor says that he has requested for all of the photographs, he begins offevolved viewing them whilst the woman is sitting having the coffee, she says that Mr Kapoor appears greater stunning in man or woman however she simply dreams that they supply her a process, she but gets a textual content wherein it’s far written that she has been fired from her process which concerns her, she then gets her bag questioning what has she completed wrong.

Manav is known as into the workplace of Bansal sir, he walks there hesitantly, Manav is requested to take a seat down down whilst Bansal sir exclaims Manav is the only in talks via way of means of having the unlawful raid private get caught, Manav exclaims he simply went there to have lunch, the man or woman says did he now no longer say that Manav has been taking bribes that’s why he went their to have lunch, Manav exclaims that Vyas je could have heard all of the thieves think about others as themselves, Bansal sir says it’s far the alternative as he has been blamed for taking the Bribe, Manav begins offevolved giggling bringing up that he’s being charged for now no longer taking the bribe from him, Vyas je says that everybody has a tendency to mention it, Manav explains he’s a immediately defaulter who does now no longer do right paintings or even his paintings isn’t always as much as the fine even then he has the power to return back and threaten a central authority employee. But Mr Bansal then he have to have complained earlier than however now as Vyas je has complained it then he could be compelled to act.

Akanksha is withinside the mall whilst Misses Manchanda complains concerning her new cellular that it doesnot even paintings properly, Akanksha appears at the opposite cellular, the income guy says it’s far the closing piece so she can purchase it now but Akanksha refuses even if misses Manchanda pressurizes, she then asks her to now no longer hold her happiness watch for any more and purchase it at the spot, Akanksha wonders what is going to she do now, Misses Manchanda explains she will be able to go back the cash after a few time.

Mr Bansal taking walks with Manav mentions that the problem has long gone to the commissioner and if he receives suspended then he could should stay with 1/2 of of his income for his complete life, he have to signal the papers however Manav refuses pronouncing it can’t take place because the scheme of threatening him with suspension could now no longer paintings.

Akanksha sooner or later takes the brand new cellular in her arms asking Misses Manchanda if it’s far exact.
Siddharth sees Vinay sitting so asks him to return back as it’s far the pc class, but he sees his mom sitting withinside the foremost room, Sidharth says that his mom maintains on pronouncing she could have him get admitted to a great college however he doesnot cross there as he desires to be with Vinay, but he replies that Siddharth could now no longer be capable of come as he goes together along with his mom to Indore as she stated that she has taken the divorce from his father, Siddharth asks what’s a divorce whilst Vinay exclaims that it’s far the only wherein their dad and mom do now no longer stay together.

Akanksha is sitting with Misses Manchanda who exclaims that the brand new cellular appears sincerely exact in her hand and it doesnot appear she can’t come up with the money for it, Akanksha says that it isn’t always that, however Manav loves to shop his cash, she gets a name from Manav, she begins offevolved speaking with him whilst he questions why did she now no longer realize it became him, she replies that she offered the cellular via way of means of taking cash from Misses Manchanda as she compelled her to take it as a loan, Akanksha exclaims he could were praised for his paintings but Manav replies it isn’t always like that as Bansal sir has threaten to droop him at the criticism of a contractor, Akanksha receives concerned whilst he says he could speak approximately it after returning, even she ends the name, they each are sincerely concerned approximately what is going to take place now.

Precap: Manav says the complete wealth of Manchanda is of the black, Akanksha exclaims he have to additionally mend his guidelines if abiding via way of means of them has a tendency to get him suspension, Manav replies in anger pronouncing he’ll now no longer mend his guidelines for all of us. Mr Kapoor is speaking with a person who praises him for being capable of get the whole thing as in line with his wishes, Mr Kapoor exclaims all of us whom he dreams comes taking walks to him, Akanksha is calling out of the automobile whilst being caught withinside the traffic.


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