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The episode begins offevolved withinside the bustling town of Bhopal with a mom asking e spelling of precarious from her son at the same time as serving the breakfast, she advises him it at the same time as asking the spelling of aquissential, she then asks him to spell Phenomena, but he spells it incorrect whilst she explains it’s miles silent but he questions is father then why do they use it withinside the spelling, he replies he doesnot realize why it’s miles silent,

she asks the spelling of Ostentatious, he isn’t capable of spell, she scolds him pronouncing that is what he could do on the college, he mentions she should now no longer area so strain as it’s miles only a opposition, Akanksha mentions that the college calls for numerous donation so whilst the mother and father do now no longer have any cash then those greater round sports assist, he attempts to shield their son pronouncing he’s simply six years old, she replies mother and father have began out to take their kids to opposition from the age of years, Manav questions if the opposition is off converting the diapers, Akanksha exclaims he has began out together along with his jokes,

she explains the youngsters nowadays are marvel youngsters so she additionally dreams that their son be a marvel child as her mom, Manav exclaims she is a thunder ladies, Manav assures there may be not anything to be involved approximately due to the fact smartness are in his genes, their son questions wherein pocket, she advises him to rush up and drink his milk so he recollects his spellings.

Akanksha is hurryingly doing the chores, whilst Manchanda jee sitting throughout asks his spouse if nowadays is Saturday, she angrily asks in the event that they need to visit the Mandir nowadays then whilst he consents so she says this indicates nowadays is Saturday, he asks then in which is Akanksha entering into the sort of hurry, Sumon feels indignant and asks Akanksha why is she in the sort of hurry, Akanksha replies that nowadays is the spelling bee opposition in their son, Sumon desires her luck, she turning asks why is he stressful a lot, she sends him away ordering him to make tea for her.

Akanksha is making an attempt to pick out what necklace have to she wear, Manav coming from at the back of exclaims that why is she stressful a lot as she have to could appearance stunning even a easy Mangal Sutur, Akanksha exclaims that it isn’t pretty much searching exceptional however that the jewelry should additionally appearance highly-priced, their son comes speeding pronouncing he’s ready, Many asks approximately the cab, she replies it coming,

Akanksha receives involved pronouncing that the cab driving force has cancelled it soi she have to ee-e book every other, Manav attempts to exclaim that there may be a manner however Akanksha is adamant on calling cab even if Manav explains it might get them late, but Akanksha doesnot need to take a seat down in it but she is pressured to, Manav mentions now she have to see how he’s going to take them with none fear.

Akanksha leaves with Manav, at the same time as her neighbour is status at the balcony, Sumon jee comes asking if he’s feeling involved that the sort of quite lady is journeying in the sort of automobile due to her son, he replies it isn’t the case, Sumon replies it higher now no longer be in any other case she can be able to weigh down his neck.

Manav is riding whilst the automobile abruptly stops, Akanksha in anger says she can be able to now no longer push it, their son asks to test if there may be gasoline, Manav replies that there may be ample, Akanksha exclaims this vehicle doesnot power on gasoline however prayers, Manav explains it is a superb concept so he prays to Bajrang Bali after which attempts to begin the automobile, which proves to be successful,

Akanksha exclaims the manner to high school is 1/2 of an hour and why is there a lot visitors on the street, Manav exclaims whilst the maximum stunning ladies of Bhopal comes out on the street why could their now no longer be any visitors, she receives mad whilst he exclaims that it become only a funny story however there may be restore paintings taking place withinside the town, the radio display exclaims that nowadays there may be a meteor bathe going which they can’t see however could make a wish, Akanksha p[rays they simply attain the college in time,

Manav mentions that she have to fear approximately the methods due to the fact he’s the Municipal officer, he is aware of the methods of the town higher then her, she asks him to appearance ahead whilst he mentions she can be able to now see his works, he questions why is he taking a proper,

Manav explains that there may be the paintings going off referring to wires, Akanksha is taken aback whilst he taking the proper flip stops the automobile thinking why ahs the paintings now no longer ended as this indicates the employee become simply making excuses, he is ready to name whilst Akanksha asks him to fear for his spouse and son due to the fact nowadays is a holiday.

Manav exclaims what’s going to manifest now, Akanksha questions what happened, he spoke back they have got arrived ten mins early, Akanksha questions him whilst he could get the air conditioner repaired, he explains he could have it executed after a week, he receives involved pronouncing then it might make the automobile power sluggish and will also devour extra gasoline, Akanksha questions why does he want to power rapid as he isn’t any shoemaker. Their son asks who it’s miles, she as an alternative questions him approximately the spelling.

Akanksha questions their son approximately the spelling of Mississippi, he isn’t capable of spell it whilst Manav comes wondering how is his champion son, he seems at Akanksha, Manav exclaims how could a infant be whose mom is so angry, she asks him to peer how she become simply asking approximately the spelling of Mississippi which he doesnot realize,

Manav questions if she thinks it is simple as whilst he become the age of Siddharth he best knew a way to spell his name, Akanksha replies that is why she doesnot need their son to be like him, he stands at the back of her advising his son to mention approximately urine, they each go away which frustrates Akanksha.

Sidharth asks Manav why does his mom convey him to such competitions each weekend at the same time as his buddies are resting, Manav asks how does he experience whilst he has numerous cash in his box, Siddharth exclaims he feels exceptional, he replies much like that his mom feels extremely joyful whilst he achieves the primary placve in such competitions, they may assist him withinside the destiny and he’s going to thank his mom for taking him to such competitions,. Sidharth seems on the Samosa, they each visit consume it.

Akanksha is status withinside the line whilst of her buddies exclaim from at the back of how they have to visit meet her, they each ask how does she control to get the time to have a facial withinside the morning, the opposite pal exclaims does she now no longer realize that it’s miles her splendor appearance, Akanksha feels very extremely joyful with the gold jewelry of her pal,

they ask her to prevent carrying the faux jewelry, Akanksha feels embarrassed, there may be an assertion soliciting for the proprietor of a white vehicle to get rid of it from the parking, Akanksha realizes that it’s miles their vehicle so attempts calling Manav but he has left his cellular together along with her, she herself is going out to the parking and at the same time as reversing the automobile by accident hits every other vehicle.

The protect involves her wondering if she even is aware of a way to power a vehicle as she hit the fave vehicle of his boss, the man or woman comes out from the rear apart apologizing to Akanksha for the impolite behaviour of his staff, he gives to himself park her vehicle if she allows, Akanksha consents so he parks her vehicle, then she leaves at the same time as the planners of the opposition greet Mr Kapoor for taking the time to wait their function, he assures it become simply an honour for her, all of them head inside.

Akanksha enters the corridor whilst she is thinking if there may be any seat, Manav asks her to com and take a seat down down, she asks why it took see you later for him to ensure that Siddharth attends the bathroom, he explains that Sidharth could are becoming scared, Akanksha questions if he’s without a doubt telling the fact whilst Manav explains they went to consume the Samosa.

Manav questions why she were given so late, Akanksha explains that she went to take their vehicle out from the VIP parking and withinside the manner hit every other vehicle, Manav after inquiring approximately her heath asks if their vehicle is excellent, Akanksha explains that every other small damage could now no longer harm an already drying the automobile. The opposition begins offevolved once they introduce all of the contributors and primary name Siddharth, he successfully spells every phrase however then isn’t capable of spell Mississippi, they ship him again, Akanksha on their manner again is scolding Sidharth exclaiming how she become approximately to train him the phrase, however they needed to move and consume the Samosa.

Manav but attempts to calm her down explaining that she should now no longer be involved on account that their son become the youngest competitor, Akanksha apologizes to Sidharth bringing up how they may have a great lunch, Manav tips on the thali eating place which angers her, she replies that she can be able to now no longer take delivery of something beneathneath a elaborate eating place, Manav attempts to motive together along with her pronouncing it might get too highly-priced however she doesnot care.

Manav sitting on the eating place is checking the costs so we can order for that reason then, Akanksha exclaims he have to now no longer fear because the order will display the costs, whilst Manav explains that she is there to do this, Akanksha says she has heard it, Manav sees that the a few human beings have went to the kitchen traumatic the eating place proprietors to reveal the them their license in any other case their eating place could be sealed,

they are saying that he have to take care of them in the event that they need their eating place to stay open, then Manav coming into the kitchen manages to discover they’re imposters, they are attempting to run away however are stuck with the aid of using the staff. Manav ends his meal whilst the supervisor coming to them attempts to present them any incentive which he can provide but Manav refuses them all, he even doesnot permit Akanksha take the coupon which angers her, she at the same time as on foot with him questions what become incorrect with taking the coupon because it become only a signal of appreciation whilst Manav makes her comprehend the way it become all only a bribe and he can’t take delivery of it, Akanksha explains even she wants to have a stunning existence full of expensive and now no longer like him,

he but explains that she should now no longer assume like this, she offers him the instance in their neighbour who’s running withinside the identical function as him however has a larger vehicle, Manav says he can’t move in opposition to his policies in any other case he could experience like a small man or woman, he explains he has the whole thing he desires in his existence, a stunning spouse and lovable son so what extra can he demand, she asks him to present her any manner with which she will be able to extrade his views, he but replies it could in no way manifest.

Akanksha is riding with Manav withinside the vehicle whilst a girl comes soliciting for them to shop for a fan, she refuses however Manav consents to shop for, Akanksha questions if he’s excellent as he did now no longer even good deal even for a moment, Manav replies it’s miles approximately the need and her want become extra than them, Akanksha at the same time as being caught in a visitors jam sees the automobile, she exclaims how she desires that this vehicle belongs to her, Manav exclaims he doesnot need something else from existence as he has were given her as his spouse.


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