KA Paul: Taking Paul As A Joke..? What Does He Want? What Should We Learn?: Dr. KA Paul is a respected leader in many countries around the world. He himself has revealed on many occasions that he is a person who negotiated peace.. and stopped fighting. Moreover.. many heads of state say that he took his blessings. But, after he entered politics, the real game started. He may have a good reputation as a religious preacher. Crores of people may be impressed by his lectures. But, the scene is reversed in the political arena. Even if the campaign shows unscripted aggression…will it look like a comedy show to the viewers? What did he do? Taking everything as a joke? It gives rise to suspicions. He was unable to get votes even in the general elections in Andhra Pradesh. He raised the heat in Telangana politics and started a new debate in the by-election. He came into the scene. He showed aggressiveness in the campaign from the beginning.. He said that he is going to win. His inquiry also went viral on social media.

Moreover, I don’t have time. The video he ran said vote for me. He speeches, acrobatics, dances, and lashes out at the election staff and the police in his own style. I am the future CM of Telangana. Will you stop me? That’s why many videos related to the Munugodu by-election have made noise on social media. Even if Paul’s interview came out.. even if it was live on YouTube.. people watched it. Now, who is going to win in Munugodu on social media? That said, in some online surveys, they cast their votes for Paul. After all, what is the majority for Paul after the end of the polling? In another survey, many people clicked on the Lakh option. All this is good. They campaigned hard. But, when it comes to votes. I can’t even imagine..Because.. out of the total votes Paul got only 805 votes.. 482 for Nota earlier. Votes got.. better than that.. but were limited to three digits.

KA Paul, who has been countering the opposition party candidates since the beginning. I am the one who will win in Munugoda. America will make Munugoda in six months. I am the future CM of Telangana. After the polling is over. Exit polls are more than 50 thousand votes. He expressed the belief that I am going to win with a majority. But, the people did not understand it all. Even though he stood up and campaigned.. in various forms.. made sharp criticisms.. even though he was attacked.. even though he threw clever arrows.. in the election field he suffered a terrible defeat.. even the common man. He can be an iconic symbol of many who can bravely stand in democracy in elections. It should be said that he is a symbol of the fact that no money will get votes. He also proved that if you just impress people, you will not get votes. They also gave the message that they cannot get votes. To stand in the elections.. to stand and win.. that alone is not enough. Liquor must be poured, bundles of currency notes scattered, people must be mobilized.. guts must be courageous.. good strategy must be present.. strategists sponsors.. godfathers.. if there are many.. It is also understandable that you can’t win the election unless you want to. They said ten thousand but gave three thousand..? How to vote? Questioning that.. in which direction the parties are leading the people..! How are they changing people..! It can also be understood.


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