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K. Sudhakaran: Nehru-K Was A Man Who Made An RSS Leader A Minister In His Own Cabinet And Was Willing To Compromise Even With Communal Fascism:
KPCC president K. said that Jawaharlal Nehru had a broad sense of democracy which gave even RSS a chance. Sudhakaran.

The KPCC president also said that Nehru was a democratic advocate who gave a chance to RSS-CPIM leaders in Parliament.

Sudhakaran added that Nehru was even ready to make peace with the communal fascists, included Ambedkar and Shyamaprasad Mukherjee in the first cabinet, and gave the post of leader of the opposition to the AKG despite its lack of membership, which was part of this democratic stance, Sudhakaran added.

He was speaking after inaugurating the revival meeting organized by Kannur DCC.

“Ours is a country of diversity. Nehru entrusted Ambedkar, not the Congress leader, to make a constitution that could unite the country. Dr. Ambedkar was not associated with Congress and was to some extent a critic of Congress. But intelligent.

That is why Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is a symbol of great democratic consciousness and high value, who was able to call him, keep him with him, negotiate with him and entrust him to form the governing body of India and make Ambedkar the Law Minister in his own cabinet.

His willingness to make RSS leader Shyamaprasad Mukherjee a minister in his own cabinet, and his openness to compromise even with communal fascism.

There was no opposition in Parliament during Nehru’s time. At that time the leader of the Communist Party of India Mr. A.K. It was Nehru’s noble sense of democracy that gave Gopalan the title of Leader of the Opposition.

Nehru’s view was that there should be an opposition in Parliament to criticize and correct mistakes. Despite not being eligible to be in the opposition, A.K. It was Nehru who made Gopalan the Leader of the Opposition. Who would do this?,” K. Sudhakaran said.

At the same time, K said that he had given protection to RSS branches while he was a KSU worker. Sudhakaran’s statement a few days ago was also a big controversy.

Sudhakaran said that when the CPIM workers decided to destroy the branches started by the RSS when he was a KSU activist, he had sent people to protect them.

The controversial remark was made while inaugurating the MVR commemoration program in Kannur.

“When I was a KSU worker, there was a time when the branch of RSS started in the Kezhunna and Thotata areas of my interim assembly, and the CPIM tried to crush and destroy that branch.

I was the one who sent someone to protect the branches when there was a surrounding area where it was not possible to open a branch. There is no attachment to the branch, the cause of the branch, or the RSS. I am motivated by the feeling that it is not good for a democrat to watch a fundamental right being violated where a democratic right exists.

I have never associated with, cooperated with, nor endorsed any kind of RSS activities. But freedom of expression and political freedom is the birthright of every citizen. It should be maintained.

There is a situation in a democratic and secular state where we have to support any activity that does not harm the socioeconomic security and secularism of the country.

Whether that decision is right or wrong is probably debatable. But it was such a feeling that prompted me to take this decision,” said Sudhakaran.


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