Indian Railways increasing the maintenance of empty standing trains during the Corona period

K Rail Project Pinarayi Vijayan Of Next Generation: Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan’s speech indirectly criticized the campaign that K Rail was stopped. He was speaking at a public event held at Ayyangali Hall in Thiruvananthapuram. The Chief Minister was indirectly referring to the campaign that K Rail was stopped. If any group opposes the projects needed by the country, the government will not fail to implement them. The government will complete the projects for the future of the next generation. The government is being heavily attacked for some projects. He clarified that he did not know what their intention was. (K Rail project will not be abandoned Pinarayi Vijayan).

Minister V. The Chief Minister also criticized Father Theodosius D’Cruz’s extremist remarks against Abdur Rahman. Communal remarks against the minister are not healthy. How can you call him a traitor because he has a Muslim name? What does it mean? What is going to shake it up? An attempt is being made to disturb the peace of the country. The struggle against the progress of the country is going on now. There was even an incident where a police officer’s leg was beaten.

The attack on the police station is an incident that we thought would never happen in our state. A special group of people was gathered for this purpose. We have to think about what this is for. All political parties and organizations held a meeting at the Collectorate. Everyone condemned the violence. Everyone there said that such a violent incident will not happen again.

There is a move to stop the progress of the country. This move cannot be accepted. Don’t think that you can scare away the government with anything. There will be no compromise on the Vizhinjam project. There will be no move against the project in any guise.

The slogan of stopping the Vizhinjam port project cannot be accepted. All the demands of the strikers have been accepted by the government. Kerala’s credibility will be destroyed if the project is abandoned. A scheme implemented as a state cannot be canceled just because another government came. So if the project is stopped, it will send a bad message.

There have been differences of opinion on the project before. The government will not back down from the implemented plan. They have been told in no uncertain terms that there is no problem in abandoning the project. The leaders of the strike committee came to see him. The leaders of the strike committee came unofficially. They have also come to accept that the government cannot stop the project. The Chief Minister said that he will not go into the details of the discussion that took place that day.


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