K.J. Jacob: I Am Not Going To Ask Old Dyfis, Are Either Entrusted With You And The DYFI’s Home?: Kerala is a police state as a police state Jacob. He alleged that the selected Home Minister is read by the cop, and then he said.

KJI is responding to the note that Kilicololoor police proceedings and the state government policies have been criticized on Facebook. Jacob.

Kiliklow, who was the Chief Minister of Kilikellur, was the Chief Minister of the CPI (MIII, CPI (MII) and asked us to tell him that if asked the CM. He said.

Kilicoloor is the Narnife case with the Kerala Police. But he criticized that the accused in the incident were given a home.

Is there anything to respond to the old DYFIs in the State Secretariat of the CPIM? You are not to go to the SFI and the SFI and DYFIs, K.J. Asking through Jacob’s note.

‘Do you think of protecting the Image criminals in the land of your party to protect the Imin’ criminals? You will be wrong. Will be gone wrong, ‘KJ Jacob added.

Meanwhile, the MDMA was arrested by the MDM on August 25 on August 25. The decline of the DYFI leader and the soldier of the military brother was followed by a fake case.

The four policemen, including the CI, were suspended for the four policemen. Manikandan and Lakesh were suspended for CI Vinod, SI Aneesh, CPOs.

K.J. Full text of Jacob’s Facebook Not press:

Kerala is changing as a police state.
The police will do what they want. The police are the ones to ask and tell.
Then you ask that you are the first elected representative home minister.
There is nothing. Or he came, the policeman will read the writing of the policeman. Then he will say that justice will be done.

In the first hours, Sri Seram Vengutaram plays the lack and drops a workforce. Justice will be implemented by the Home Minister even after the Home Minister. (The thing of that case can be detailed

The hills of the Dyfi activist and his army in Kilikellor will know the whole world. Old DYFIs who have been the Chief Minister of KSYF, the CPI (MIII), and the CPI (M) candidate.

If you ask the CM, cops have a justice to tell us: The four policemen have been suspended.

It is a prison incident in the case of bailing in the drug case. It is a case where their fingers and hands were beaten by the policemen at the station.

What is the suspension order?

As attacks him, a cop attacked young people. Three poles were watching. He made himself an insult to the police force. So suspends.

If someone has been arrested by the Criminal Case and dissolved by the Criminal Police, the case is at home.

There are people that say the following is the last secretariat of the CPIM. Those DYFIs.
P. Rajeev
K.N. Balagopal
CS. Sujatha
P.K. Biju
M. Swaraj
Saji Cherian
Puttalth Dineshan
Muhammad Riyaz
A. Vijayaraghavan
MA Baby
A.K. Balan
EP Jayarajan
TM Thomas Isaac
K. Radhakrishnan

What I want to ask you:

Have you nothing to respond to this injustice? Do you not have to go forth at the age of 16 or sixteen? You went to the secretariat, struggling and struggling and the beat of the Police are not caught by anyone, other than or the box.

What’s the problem to ask the Home Minister to take criminal action in the case to make the policemen in the case?

Do you think of protection for Image criminals in the land of your party to protect the Imin ‘criminals?
You will be wrong.
Will be misunderstood.


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