Bharatiya Janata Party leader and Rajya Sabha MP Jyotiraditya Scindia has once again attacked the Congress fiercely. In fact, Jyotiraditya Scindia was speaking in the Rajya Sabha today on the financial bill, when many Congress MPs started making comments about petrol and diesel prices. At that time, Scindia also explained to him the mathematics behind petrol and diesel and gave him the advice not to open his mouth.

Meanwhile, a Congress leader interrupted, on which Scindia also retaliated and reminded him of Maharashtra. Scindia said, don’t open your mouth, 100 crore rupees was being taken by a home minister. Scindia said that you talk about 15 lakhs, you first give the account of 100 crores. Do not open my mouth otherwise I will start.

Jyotidaraditya Scindia said that it is true that the prices of petrol and diesel have increased. It is also true that what is the distribution of the increase. He said that after extracting the expenditure on petrol and diesel prices, 40 percent share is received by the state and 60 percent by the Center. Out of 60 per cent, 42 per cent goes to the state. The state gets 64 per cent of that amount and 36 per cent lives with the center. Scindia said that Maharashtra has the highest prices of petrol and diesel. Here you are crying out to the government, but do not take any action there. Scindia said that all I want to say is that those whose houses are made of glass, they do not throw stones at others.

Congress gheraoed the government over the policies In the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday, the Congress strongly criticized the government’s economic policies, saying that the country’s economy had derailed even before the Kovid epidemic came and the Corona’s cover to hide its failures. Is taking Devendra Singh Hooda of the Congress, while initiating the discussion on Finance Bill, 2021 in the Upper House, alleged that the economy was going through an already bad phase of epidemic due to the wrong policies of the government but any special provision in the budget to improve the situation has not been.


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