Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay Experiences Paranormal Activities In Calcutta High Court: A ghost story is all about disembodied faces floating in the eye. An empty space or a dilapidated burnt house comes to mind in the dark. But special Kolkata, where millions of people gather from morning to evening, the ‘ghost address’ that is inside the Calcutta High Court! But this is not very unusual. The ghost story of the High Court is also known to many like the other five heritages of Calcutta. Again, many dramas have happened to many people. Many people associated with this palace witnessed many events. Some admit to having encountered more or fewer experiences. This is the story of the ghost in the mouth of the judge! Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay! His judgment has been agitated at various times. How many hundreds of speculations have spread in the High Court neighborhood? This time, the story of light and darkness in the hall of the High Court is in the mouth of that judge. All such stories were witnessed by the litigants, lawyers, and court staff present in the courtroom.

But, how did this matter come up?

On this day, at the end of hearing the case of Tet candidates in 2014, Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay (Abhijit Gangopadhyay) told the lawyer of the council that the cases of 269 Tet candidates who were ordered to return jobs by the Supreme Court can be heard from four in the afternoon to seven in the evening. Because there are various cases continuously from Monday to Friday. After that, if the cases of 269 more people come to him, it will be impossible to complete them within the stipulated time. So let’s start the case after the afternoon. After hearing this, a lawyer present at the scene said, the case will continue in the evening! The night of the High Court is terrible, the unsatisfied souls wander around! Many people have noticed all these events! In view of this, the judge said, this is not completely false. Because the story of the broken staircase near the 11th sitting room of the Calcutta High Court, the movement of disembodied spirits there, is a long time old story. Everyone in the High Court knows that when it is dark, a situation is created around that staircase. He said, he also knows about the haunted story of this staircase.

The lawyers of the Primary Education Board, Saikat Bandyopadhyay, Ratul Biswas, and Sudipta Dasgupta were shaken after hearing this from the judge. They were present in front of Abhijit Gangopadhyay at that time. They also have the experience, sometimes of such unexplained events. Justice Gangopadhyay himself stays in court late into the night for work. So he also saw something!

Justice Gangopadhyay then said that several years ago, Sanjeev Banerjee was a judge of Calcutta High Court. One night at that time, a policeman of the High Court came to Justice Sanjeev Bandyopadhyay and told him that someone had hit him from behind while going down the stairs! The police also saw the ‘bone-chilling’ scene after that. Since then, the staircase next to the eleventh floor was closed at night. Not only that, the number of police personnel deployed there has increased since that time.

The oldest High Court in the country is in Kolkata. Built-in the style of a Belgian cloth hall, this building is also designated as a heritage building for its outstanding architecture. A lot of people come here throughout the year hoping for justice. The High Court premises are crowded with the traffic of numerous people throughout the day. But in the evening, this neighborhood is like Nishutpuri. This unique atmosphere is found in very few places in Kolkata. And that’s why the story of Calcutta’s ghosts has accumulated better in the corners of the High Court. It won’t happen, why, how many events have happened in this house with a light-dark balcony? Some have been sentenced to death in this palace, and some have died without getting justice. What a surprise to have a ‘ghost’ in such a place! But Justice Abhijit Gangopadhyay heard the ghost stories that have been told by court workers and lawyers for so long. Which got another dimension.

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