Just Using The Toilet Is Not Enough, More Than That… Tripura News: Kerala with meritorious achievements in sanitary waste sector activities Getting ready. The goal is to find a permanent solution to the waste problem by 2026. A number of schemes have been introduced and implemented by the state. Coming to In this regard, the efficiency and leadership of the respective institutions. Ratna also plays a major role. The use of the toilet is very important in ensuring hygiene. In 2016, our state also got Visarjana Mukta status. But is it all just because of using the toilet? Some recent studies make it clear that it is not.

Local Self-Government as part of Thelinir Ozhukum Navakeral Campaign Under the Bottle Sanitation Mission Kerala water with public participation Compelling findings from bed bug study has Public water bodies including all rivers, streams, and ponds in Kerala Human excreta is mixed in 79 percent of the young. Today is the occasion of World Toilet Day. The subject comes out. Making the invisible visible is the motto of the bathroom routine. destination As the toilet flushes, the waste disappears. Our thought is that. It is high time to correct it. This leads to the need for scientific management of toilet waste. Let’s pay attention even on World Toilet Day.

According to Sustainable Development Goals 6.2 Availability of water, and Ensure availability of adequate sanitation facilities in each area There is But in order to reach this goal, we have to face the cesspit of the toilet. Failures in management. Sikkim and Himachal Pradesh are relatively less densely populated than Kerala. He attained the status of Visarjana Mukta, which had appeared before him. Every house has toilets and those toilets are properly used. Ensuring that states have What is happening Achieving this goal would require scientific treatment of excreta. That is the next step. After us, Tamil Nadu, Odisha, and Telangana have achieved this feat. States have set up treatment plants and started treatment. is Also ODF Plus Model for Open Discharge Free Target Institutions In order to achieve success, the respective institutions have to be enabled. Moreover, toilet waste treatment is the main criterion. One-third of our facilities are dedicated to liquid waste management. ODF Plus model establishment achieved.

The villain called coliform

Coliform bacteria in water due to the mixing of toilet waste with water There is the presence of human excreta in water that can be easily detected. Coliform or E-coli is a type of bacteria. In most cases, coliforms cause only mild infections. However, their presence is hazardous to human health. To indicate the presence of pathogenic bacteria of

According to studies, human excreta is the cause of disease. Microorganisms continuously enter the body of children. Tul will lead to infection. They help suppress appetite and aid nutrient absorption. It will be the reason. Intellectual problems as it affects nutritional status And this will show the way. The recent bhakshyavishaba in some Anganwadis in the state In the test conducted with Dhyumai, even in drinking water, The presence of excrement was found.

The spread of human waste in public bodies of water has become increasingly common. Coliform bacteria can enter wells and groundwater if not cleaned. and other related pathogenic bacteria. Yarum. This is a dangerous unscientific approach. Flushing (flushing) the remainder for toilet use We are the ones who think that the matter is over. But the septic tank we construct in connection with the toilet How safe is it? How many houses have septic tanks? In most houses, toilet waste accumulates in single pits. It directly leaches through the soil into groundwater and other aquifers. There are many possibilities.

Only if the tanks are constructed scientifically can the excreta be properly treated. Just wait. Shrinking at least once every 3 years. There is a lot to do. At present, we dispose of waste when the tank is full. Even thinking about it. Removing it like that is unscientific. A bigger problem is how the waste is treated. It is in The news of throwing toilet waste into water bodies is not a new phenomenon. It is changing.

why “Malambhutam’?

Ignorance of the truth unleashes a very dangerous demon. Discharge is caused by unscientific handling of toilet waste. Selling In this background “The extensive campaign was named ‘Malambhutam’ and was given the form of a cleanliness mission. Yat. With a little vigilance, it is not difficult to catch this demon. For this, it is enough to pay attention to only 3 things. Construct septic tanks only to exacting standards, 3rd Empty the tank before overflowing/filling and remove from the tank. Ensure that these wastes reach the treatment plants. That will solve the problem to some extent and Malambhu Can and will hold their own within the sanitary value chain.

Necessary Fecal Sludge Treatment Plants

Faecal Sludge Treatment Plants or Sewage Treatment Plants It is an essential component in Kerala’s sanitation system. Fecal Sludge for Scientific Treatment of Toilet Waste Edge treatment plans are complete. At least 2 plans should be implemented in a district immediately. The government has already started the measures for that.

Treat nature in a manner appropriate to the respective locations. Designing maintenance plans. Faecal wastes from households and other accumulations are safe. Plants convert water into manure through the process of cultivation. The way it works. Waste water is recycled for non-domestic purposes. Giccan and solids can be used as fertilizer. Not only that, the place where the plants are installed will be converted into a green park. More than 100 such plants have become successful in other states. It is working.

Recently from Kasargod district including Zilla Panchayat President Gham went to Karnataka to learn about this technology. Visit the plant located in the center of Devanahalli city They returned with full satisfaction. A state where its institutions are functioning most efficiently There is no reason to implement such projects in Kerala. There will be no knee.


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