Just Like The One That Made Argentina Cry, This One Will Never Be Forgotten By The Fans: Enzo Fernandez. He reached the pinnacle of stardom in the minds of Argentines with just one match. The one who underlined the victory of Argentina in the decisive match.

He found the goal as a substitute for Argentina, who had struggled to win until then, and that too from Lionel Messi’s assist.

It may not go down as a legendary substitution in football history, but it certainly was for Argentina fans.


It was Mario Gotze’s substitution that brought Argentina to tears in the 2014 World Cup final. Perhaps even the substitution of the century can be described as the moment German coach Joachim Low brought on Mario Gotze.

It was Gotze’s extra-time goal that eliminated Argentina in the Argentina-Germany World Cup final match, which ended in a goalless draw at the regular time.

Gotse knocked away his long-held dreams. Messi and Argentina could only look on as Joachim Low’s men eventually won the World Cup.


Last day’s Argentina-Mexico group stage match was as crucial as the 2014 World Cup final. Argentina entered the field bearing the burden of a shocking defeat to Saudi Arabia in the first match of the World Cup. In front of them stood Mexico in green, white, and red colors.

On paper, Argentina had the upper hand. But the name everyone dreaded was Guillermo Ochao. Perhaps Brazil and Brazil’s fans know exactly who and what Ochao is. Because Mexico’s Ochao was the only one who relied on Pele’s successors, who filled the field with samba dance moves that brought the power of football to their feet.


Argentina and Lionel Messi had a poor performance in the first half of the match. Both teams split the first half scoreless. A 21-year-old named Enzo Fernandez was brought on the field in the 57th minute of the Scaloni match, which is certain that even a draw will push Argentina into the abyss.

Enzo came down and the stadium erupted in exactly the 7th minute. Their Messiah brought them forward. The goal came from the passing of Angel Di Maria, the angel of the team. But the cost of that goal was huge.

After this, the Mexican counter-attacks kept shaking the face of the Argentine goal. But in the 87th minute of the match, the stadium erupted once again. Enzo’s breakthrough goal in the 30th minute after entering the field. That goal cannot be described as anything but beautiful.


With this, the 21-year-old returned from Lucille Stadium dressed as a hero. He has only four matches in the national team. The first goal of his career was scored from there when the fifth match was at the World Cup.

Enzo Fernandez became the youngest player to score a goal for Argentina in a World Cup match after Messi.

Enzo, who learned the game from the Argentinian club River Plate, is currently a player of the Portuguese club Benfica. Many European giants have already looked at the star. With this single goal, Enzo’s value will surely increase.



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