Juliano Cazarré Talks About Vaccine Controversy Behind The Scenes Of ‘Pantanal’: Juliano Cazarre actor spoke about the controversy that involved his name behind the scenes of wetland. That’s why there were rumors that he would have been forced to take the vaccine against Covid-19 to join the cast of the new soap opera Globo. Follow More Update On LatestSerialGossip.Com

In August of last year, the 41-year-old artist used social media and said that, if it were necessary to take the immunizing dose to participate in the remake, he would give in to the condition. In an interview with Patrícia Kogut’s column, from the newspaper The globe, he limited himself to addressing the case.


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“I prefer not to talk about it. It is a subject that is born out of gossip”, declared Juliano Cazarré, who will play Alcides in the remake of the 90’s classic. wetland, he awaits the arrival of his fifth child, a girl, fruit of the relationship with Letícia Cazarréto whom he has been married for a decade.

Vincent’s father, Ignatius, gaspar and Maria MadalenaCazarré did not hide his plans to want to increase the family even more. “We saw that family is the most important and most valuable thing for us. We let the kids come. The more they come, the more we love what we already have.” he said. “More can come. It is in God’s hands”, scored.




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