Juju Salimeni, fitness muse, confessed that she hasn’t worn a bra for 15 years! The revelation came about because of a question from a follower on the social network.

“How long have you not worn a bra? How did you manage to free yourself?”, asked the curious admirer. The fitness muse immediately responded.



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“I can’t stand it”

“I haven’t used it since I had my first silicone implant. I was about 19, so I haven’t worn a bra in over 15 years. I never liked it, I can’t stand anything squeezing me. So getting rid of them was the easiest thing in the world.”he confessed.

Recently, the influencer changed the silicone prosthesis on her breasts and made a point of showing the before and after of the delicate aesthetic procedure.

Juju Salimeni accumulates more than 15 million followers on the social network and invests heavily in sensual clicks on his profile.

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