Judy Bell Of Covington Death Lady Dies After Being Assaulted And Bleeding From The Head On 7th Street In Covington

Judy Bell of Covington Death: Lady bites the dust subsequent to being attacked and draining from the head on seventh Street in Covington. Around 10am on Saturday morning, April 2, 2022, Covington Police and Fire answered the 600 square of seventh Street to a call of a lady lying in a yard outside of a high rise in Covington.

At the point when officials showed up, they observed casualty distinguished as 59-year-old Judy Bell of Covington, draining from the head.

Police say observers saw a man drag casualty from the high rise and leave the scene.

As per fire work force on the scene, She was draining from her head and later articulated dead, she passed on from her wounds.

Police captured a man regarding casualty passing in the wake of exploring the episode.

Police recognized the suspect as 42-year-old Lee Scalf of Covington, who was captured and is in Kenton County Jail.

Scalf is being held in Kenton County Jail on accuses of altering of proof and maltreatment of a cadaver.

He is booked to be in court Monday morning.

This is right now a continuous examination.


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