The fight between Joelma and Ximbinha became one of the main topics of the day and gained a new chapter. This time, the singer is charging in court the payment of amounts related to the alimony of her daughter, Yasmin, 17 years old.

The process that runs in secrecy of Justice, was confirmed by the press office of the singer. Despite the action, Ximbinha denies the payment statement.

Through a note sent to the newspaper Folha de São PauloXimbinha points out that she has never failed to fulfill her responsibilities with her children, since her separation from Joelma and the end of Banda Calypso in 2015.

He has always been and continues to be a very present father in the lives of all his children and he never failed to provide for all of them. He has his children as the most precious asset in life, so he would never let anything be missing”, clarified.

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