Lab technicians will be appointed in 2337 high school and plus 2 (intermediate) schools in Jharkhand. Presently, the posts of Lab Technician are approved in the old plus 2 schools only. This post is not approved in the remaining plus two and high schools. In all schools, the posts of lab technicians will be approved and appointed. The Department of School Education and Literacy is making provision for this.

The lab will also be equipped with the appointment of a lab technician in state schools. Essential science related equipment will be kept. At present, only the science teachers teach the students as well as make them practical at their level. Students will be able to learn better if the students are teachers for practical purposes. The government is going to make provisions in the budget to equip the lab. There will also be a provision for honorarium of technician along with the amount for lab.

Posts will be approved: Lab technician posts will be approved in 2337 high and plus 2 schools in the state. At the time of Jharkhand becoming a separate state, the posts of lab technicians were approved in 57 plus 2 schools in the state, but they have become vacant. Now they will be appointed in other schools. The contract is also being considered to reinstate the lab technician until a permanent appointment is made.

Vocational emphasis is also on: Vocational education is also emphasized in all high and plus 2 schools of the state along with lab for science. Vocational labs are also being established in all high-plus 2 schools. For this, school-wise funds have been made available and its accessories are being purchased. In many districts, the agency has been given work and they are providing its goods according to trade in schools.


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