All the districts and branches of the state will be transferred for ten consecutive years. The state police headquarters has asked for a list of policemen completing ten years or more on 15 October 2020 in all districts. 

    DIG Personnel A Vijayalakshmi has sought a list of all such policemen from the SP of all the districts till October 25. Name of policemen who have completed ten years term from the SP of the districts, reservation category, current posting, appointment date, contribution date in the district, all prior posting, whether there has been any transfer from administrative point of view, there is no conviction of any kind. Whether or not the answer is sought on this point. 

It has not been transferred in a long time : the soldiers have not been transferred in a long time. The sepoys were earlier transferred in 2015. But there was no large-scale transfer at the headquarters level. Recently, representatives of Police Association and Police Men’s Association met DGP MV Rao, in-charge. During the meeting, there was a demand for the removal of long-standing policemen in a district. It was told that the sepoys have not been transferred from one district to another. Moral morale is also being affected by constant deployment of soldiers for long in Naxalite affected districts.

    Most of the sepoys restored after 2005 are in the same districts. According to state police headquarters officials, the number of policemen posted in the same district for ten years or longer can exceed ten thousand. In recent days, the police headquarters has got the policemen not contributing in the respective district, despite all the previous transfers. 

Districts have been divided into categories regarding transfers: The state police has a policy for transfers. Policemen posted in Naxalite-affected districts will be deployed in urban districts. The districts are divided into A, B, C and D category. At the same time, police personnel posted in other wings, including CID, Special Branch, Rail of Police, will also be replaced. A separate board will also be formed for the transfer of soldiers at the state police headquarters. 

The morale of the state’s policemen will be high: Police morale will increase due to the transfer of policemen in the same district for a long time. Along with the transfer of soldiers in the state police, there was a demand for transfer of Jamadars as well. Jamadar-level junior officers have been frozen in districts for 7-7 years. In May, the fit list of officers who were promoted from Inspector to Inspector level in the Jharkhand Police was made in May. Those officers are also to be posted in different wings. 

All training centers of Jharkhand Police will be opened: It has been decided to open all training centers of Jharkhand Police. This decision was taken after a meeting at the state police headquarters. All pending training work will be completed. It has also been ordered to follow social distancing and corona guidelines during training. Explain that the training directorate of the State Police Headquarters had ordered all training institutions to be closed indefinitely after the outbreak of Corona infection. Also tell that during training in March, policemen were returned to their posting districts.  


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