The appointment process of 362 nurses at RIMS has been canceled. Now an advertisement will be put out for the reinstatement of 370 nurses. The decision was taken at a meeting of the RIMS governing body on Wednesday. After the meeting, Health Minister cum Governing Body President Banna Gupta informed that the roster was not followed in the appointment process of nurses. In view of this, the appointment process was canceled. Besides, the Director was authorized to appoint 145 posts of class III and IV, 25 lab technicians and 14 posts of OT assistants. GB has increased the amount of food per patient from Rs 94 to Rs 150. It was decided to purchase machine tools required for RIMS from Gem portal. 

The Minister said that the health card of regular employees of RIMS will be made, whereas, the employees restored on contract will be provided health facility on humanitarian basis. The contribution of Dr. Kameshwar Prasad to the post of RIMS was approved and the resignation of Jetha Nag, SC / ST member of GB was accepted. The matter of action regarding private practice was once again hanging. The minister said that both doctors who were guilty in private practice would be asked to show cause and if required, they would also be called before GB. Along with this, many other issues were also agreed. Apart from Health Minister, Member of Parliament Sanjay Seth, MLA Samri Lal, Principal Secretary Dr. Nitin Madan Kulkarni, Additional Director, Director in-charge were present in the GB meeting. 

The system of investigation will be centralized: GB has decided to centralize the system of investigation of patients in RIMS. The Health Minister said that patients will no longer have to wander in all departments for investigation. Emergency will also be strengthened. The Trauma Center will be operated on the lines of the AIIMS Trauma Center. The Neuro Surgery ICU will be modernized by spending 36.78 lakhs. Also, the Additional Director has been authorized for the beautification of the Rheims campus. The minister said that a detailed report was sought from the architect Chadha Associate for the proposed construction work in Rheims and the beautification of the complex. Beautification will be done on the same basis. 

Emphasis on keeping doctors instead of taking action: The meeting also took up the matter of taking action on the critical care HOD Dr. Pradeep Bhattacharya and the resignation of three doctors. Members said that specialist doctors do not meet. In such a situation, specialist doctors should be insisted on keeping them instead of removing them from the rims. Also, in the case of Dr. Saif’s experience, it was said that if the appointment is preferred, then he should be taken more than two years in promotion, but not removed. At the same time Dr. Umesh Prasad of Medicine was discharged. The report has been sought after reviewing the appointments made in third and fourth grades. 

The period of mistake and apology continued during the meeting: During the meeting of the Governing Body, the members made a mistake on the mistake and the Chairman and the Director in charge kept apologizing about it. 

1. The name of the MP and MLA was at the bottom of the invitation to the members of GB. MP Sanjay Seth objected to this. Assuming a mistake, the minister directed to take care further

2. In the case of invitation to Pratul Shahdev, the minister also said that this mistake was done. According to the rules, the representative cannot sit in the meeting. Under this, the representative of Divisional Commissioner was also not included. He said that an inquiry will be conducted into how this mistake happened. 

3. MP Sanjay Seth lodged an objection during the meeting, giving him an agenda four days ago, a 24-hour back and an agenda meeting. In such a situation, the proposals are not known. He said that the agenda should be sent with the permission of the chairman. The minister admitted that there had been a mistake. 

4. On the proposal to buy a car for himself, the minister said that he did not have this proposal to his knowledge. This proposal was rescinded during the meeting. In-charge director Manju Gaadi also admitted to the mistake but stated that the proposal was made by the former director at the time of the former minister whereas there was no such proposal in earlier meetings.

Pratul had arrived with a toy car for the minister: BJP state spokesperson Pratul Shahdev had reached the GB meeting with a toy car for the health minister. However he was barred from going to the meeting. He was also thrown out of the administrative building by the police force. He also had a shock with the police. He left the minister’s car by placing a toy car in front of the nameplate. After placing the toy car on the minister’s car, the minister’s PS called at the residence in a hurry and called for security forces.


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