Jethalal did Bhachau's land deal for 75 lakhs, but this big trouble came in front

To avoid the losses in business asterisks upside Mehta glasses Jetalal of (Taarak Mehta Ka Ooltah Chashmah) has land deal of his village Bhachau. They have agreed to sell this land for 75 lakhs. The party is also ready with the money and now within 24 hours all the problems of Jethalal are going to end. But there is no problem in the life of the owner of buried electronics. One problem does not end that the other one stands up and is going to be the same this time.

Jethalal again got into trouble

Jethalal, buried in a debt of nearly 40 lakhs, has decided to sell Bhachau’s land to pay his debt. And this idea was given to him by his Bapuji Champak Lal Gada. Although Jethalal does not want to sell this land, but there is no better way to save the shop, so Sundarlal also talked to a party and he agreed to buy the land for 75 lakh rupees. But as soon as Jethalal found this way to escape from this trouble, now another problem has arisen in front of him. He is Jethala’s grandfather. Now you must be thinking that if Jethia’s grandfather has already gone to heaven, how can he become a trouble? In fact, Jethalal is shown to have a sleeping grandfather who is stopping him to sell the land of forefathers.

What will not sell the land

Now will Jethalal change his decision on Grandpa’s refusal? Will they not sell the land? If you do not sell the land, what will you do? Because all the other routes are already closed. Well, whatever will happen, the audience is going to have a lot of fun.


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