Jaspal Bhatti Comedy: When wife got suspicious of Bhatti Saheb's affair, see how much grief

Famous comedian Jaspal Bhatti of the 90s, through his comedy show, ‘Flop Show’, showed meetings in the office in a very funny style. In this episode of ‘Flop Show’ it is shown that meeting and committees are common for every small and big thing in the office of which Bhatti Saheb is MD.

One such incident comes to light when some files are molested in the office. A meeting is called in the office to investigate which files the rats have lost. Meanwhile, two very funny incidents happen simultaneously. The first is that Bhatti Saheb’s frequent meetings and then the complaint of the dogs being bitten by the mice reaches the chairman.
Jaspal Bhatti Comedy: When wife got suspicious of Bhatti Saheb’s affair, see how much grief
Meanwhile, Bhatti Sahab’s wife also suspects that her husband’s affair is going on with the secretary of the office. The chairman of the office also comes to Bhatti Saheb’s office one day to conduct an inquiry in the midst of this ruckus, which is shown in a very funny way, then once the meeting is held and know what is fixed in that meeting Date of next meeting….


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