Jaspal Bhatti Comedy: When Jaspal Bhatti wanted to get married to a sister-in-law with a student, the stakes were turned upside down

Comedian Jaspal Bhatti did the job of showing the events around him on TV in a very comic style. His comedy show ‘Flop Show’ was one of the most popular TV serials of the 90s. In today’s article, we will talk about one such episode of the flop show in which Jaspal Bhatti showed how to do ‘PhD’ in a very funny way.

Jaspal Bhatti has played the role of a guide in this episode, under which some students are completing their PhD. It is shown in the show that these students are engaged in completing PhD for three-three years and are also taking full care of every small and big need of their guide Bhatti Saheb.

For example, bringing Sabji, fetching milk or getting a bad car repaired, etc. However, despite doing all this, almost all of the students keep PhD of Bhatti Sahab. The twist in the story comes when Bhatti Saheb’s sister-in-law from England comes to India, which has been once devoured. In such a situation, the household pressure Jaspal Bhatti to find a good boy for his sister-in-law who is a PhD holder.


In such a situation, Bhatti Saheb chooses one of his students for his sister-in-law, and hurriedly completes his PhD in the world that he will later marry his sister-in-law. However, as soon as the PhD of that student is completed, it is known that he himself has been divorced once and he has also got married for the second time.


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