Jasmin Bhasin once again entered the house of Bigg Boss 14, Rubina Dilaiik said this about their friendship ...

Bigg Boss contestant Rubina Dilac was not happy to see Jasmine Bhasin taking entry into the house. In Monday’s episode, it was shown that some guests took entry into the house to support the contestant, out of which Jasmine Bhasin Ali has come to support Gony. Jasmine Ali is a close friend of Goni. At the same time, Rubina had appeared to Dilak Ali Goni saying that she is not getting good vibes from Jasmine. Let me tell you, Jasmine was kicked out of the show but now she has come back home once again to support her friend.

However, it is clear that Jasmine’s friendship is better than Abhinav Shukla than Rubina. At the time when Jasmine became homeless from home, Ali Goni and Rubina Dilac had a very good friendship. At the same time, in the recent episode, Rubina told Ellie that, ‘He does not like Jasmine’s behavior. I am not getting good vibes from him, please take care of me for a week. I do not want to lose you I am not getting vibes and I do not like it. Please take care of Jasmine.

After which Ali Goni appears to Jasmine saying, ‘Rubina helped me a lot, after which Jasmine says that,’ Don’t take anyone’s side, you don’t see who helped you. After which Ali says that it is not that Jasmine did not help me or did not care that she is very good. Jasmine says, give him the trophy too.


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