Japan Can, Why Can’t We, Former India Coach Syed Nayeemuddin On Asian Dominance In Qatar World Cup: So many backs passes, so many squares passes. As the World Cup progresses, let’s hope the game gets better.
– Play at 12:30 pm. Can you see the game that night? Japan, however, lost two world-beating teams.

There is no similarity between one word and another word. But Syed Naeemuddin was saying in one breath (Syed Nayeemuddin). His team also won the bronze by defeating Japan in the 1970 Asian Games. He was the captain of the national team.

How was that match? Naeemuddin is silent. They don’t want to talk about their golden past. Or do not remember! Japan have changed their minds after beating Germany-Spain to reach the knockout stages. Dronacharya Koch’s question, “If Japan can do it, why can’t we?”

Shyam Thapa was in the Indian team in the 1970 Bangkok Asian Games. Seeing Japan’s victory, he says, “I remember Naim’s words. He was our captain. I was talking to Naim a couple of days ago. He moved to Hyderabad. He became completely alone after the death of his wife. There with the girl.”

Kubo, Kamada, and Tanaka are heroes in Japan today. Getting the status of a hero. Kamamoto was Japan’s best footballer 52 years ago. At that time he was well-known in Asia. Kamamoto was bottled up by Sudhir Karmakar in the match against India. That’s what folklore says. Sudhir played stopper with Naim. Attempts were made to contact him but it was not possible.

How was the India-Japan match? Naim’s memory revolted. Saying, “How many years ago? I don’t remember everything. I have forgotten many things now. I remember practicing. An hour, two hours, the practice would go on. The gym was not. No swimming pool, infrastructure is not good. I wonder what would have happened if we had all the modern systems in our time!”

The world at that time did not see mobile phones, there were no YouTube or social media – no one could even imagine. The history that was once created by Naimuddin is not easily available to the present generation. Aren’t you sorry for that? It is not known what Naeemuddin understood. He continued to say. “Japan is playing the World Cup today. We lost them. It is an achievement for us.”

How many stories in Indian football about Syed Naeemuddin? The disciplinarian coach’s discipline was at times a source of irritation for the footballers. He always thought about footballers. He used to order the club authorities to bring milk, bananas and nuts during coaching. The food that footballers eat after practice. He didn’t like having big hair at all. Practiced for a long time. Many people are also disappointed. But Naeemuddin thought for the footballers all day and night. He said in a tone of regret, “I now think that I have wasted five to ten years. Do you know what happens if you keep your hair long? How much blood is lost in the body? If the nails are kept long, the dirt from the nails goes into the stomach through the food. There are worms in the stomach. That worm eats all the nutrients in the human body.” Naim seems to be explaining at this old age why he used to ask footballers to cut their hair and cut their nails during coaching life. Calcutta Maidan is used to seeing him in a white shirt, blue denim pants, and sunglasses. Emphasized cleanliness.

It was once heard that he would sell his medal. Naeem says, “I wanted to build a football academy by selling medals. If I had the money, I would have built the academy myself. Footballers were made in that academy. They played for the country. The reputation of the country increased. First, keep your house clean. Charity Begins at Home.”

I have been away from football for a long time. But still in his mind football and football. He was asking about the World Cup.
-What about England?
Brazil doesn’t look like it used to.
-Portugal will do well.
-Argentina’s game doesn’t attract me either. But Messi is great.

He is going to talk about himself right away. Saying, “Tell me how little my contribution is!” I myself played for the national team. I have coached three clubs. I was the coach of the national team. I have also coached in Bangladesh.” Naim did not finish talking. The death of his wife has hurt him. Saying, “My wife wanted me to be the best coach in the world. has supported me. Tell me who else has contributed like me.” Naeem says to this reporter, “How much money will you pay for the interview?” If you take the interview next time, you will have to pay a lot of money.”

The intrusion of foreign coaches and foreign players in this country’s football is bothering Naim. Asking, “Do you know how much money a foreign player eats throughout the day?” How to play in the field without eating good food? Foreign coaches are coming to this country. In our time, the country’s coaches have brought medals.”

It is natural to think of the zamindar of the film Jalsaghar after hearing about Naim. Vishwambhar Ray’s zamindari was gone. But a strong sense of self-esteem remained. Syed Naeemuddin is now far from the mainstream of Indian football. While talking to him, it seemed that old happy memories are his wealth. Even at this old age, he dreams of seeing Indian football on the big stage one day.

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