The central government told WhatsApp:Withdraw the new privacy policy, do not accept any one-way change

JANASENA: Janasena Soldiers Are The Target.. In An Hour Rs. A Loan Of Up To 2 Lakhs Is Called, Fake Whatsapp Groups Saying Quick Loans Targeting Janasena Activists, Beware: Janasena Party: Want to join Janasena-related party groups? But join through this link. The message will be forwarded. After that link..

Like Janasena, PSPK, PSPK DIE HARD FANS, TARGET-2024 AP CM PS PK JanasenaWant to join party groups related to? But join through this link. The message will be forwarded. After that, those who join through the link will be given a loan within an hour. This message comes from Rajahmundry’s Raghavendra Private Finance.. Those who want a loan should message them.. or call them.. postings will be seen in the group. If you are tempted by this message, that’s all.

If Pawan Kalyan’s fans.. he will give them a personal loan. He first gives assurance to those who believe this to be true. He gives coloring as if he is distributing money generously from his pocket. Those who believe that all this is a true call for a loan.. First they ask to put the PAN card WhatsApp message Later he will tell you that you will get a loan of up to two lakhs. If we ask what happened in Ma Long, he says that it is in process. The processing fee is 3800 rupees. Karnataka also tells some tricks. He will charge some more money. When Tira asks why the money is not coming into the account, he will remove him from the group to do what he can finally do. This is currently the target of Janasena Party fans- a Kantrigadi Nirwakam. So far, all these people have been deceived. When their grievances reached the party head office, and the party filed a complaint with the cyber crime police, this matter suddenly came to light.

Through WhatsApp groups.. this fraud is so organized that one person is the group admin. Some of them seem to be supporters. Some of them take screenshots as if they have just received the money. Also, thank you, Anna.. you are super Anna.. as if you have given me a loan and supported me with.. series of messages. Seeing all this.. if the rest of the group also asks for a loan.. he asks to send a personal message. First, he puts a list of documents. Then it doesn’t matter if there are any papers. Mai Hoon says. It will be difficult for you to get a loan for a while. So he says that something will happen. If you pay as much as you say… he will be convinced that the loan will be guaranteed within an hour. Then Lon Geen Janta Nai. The money tied up is hush kaki. Get out of the group. This is the next. There are many such people. Those who joined groups like Janasena, PSPK die-hard fans and AP CM 2024 are the same. Even if you join.. If you get caught in that magic of asking if you want a loan, your pocket will not be empty anymore. An activist, however, has lost up to thousands of rupees.

Using the name of the Jana Sena party, they want to be careful about those who extort money from such groups. The party officials are warning to be alert about such people who are committing online fraud by putting Pawan Kalyan’s photos as DP. In this direction, we have filed a complaint against Rajahmundry Admin and Co in the cyber cell. So, if you know about such fakes, please let us know.


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