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Janaki Kalaganaledu 9 Nov Today Episode: Janaki Is The Reason For The Disintegration Of The Gyanamba Family?: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 9th November 2022, Wednesday episode 428. No matter how hard Akhil tries, Janaki doesn’t show mercy at all. You are wrong. Accept that mistake. Rama also survives. But.. even Janaki does not listen to Rama’s words. Janaki says inspector, arrest Akhil and take him away as I have filed a complaint. Everyone will be shocked by this. Constables take him and they catch Akhil. If they do not come, they will be locked up. All the family members request not to arrest him. However, the police arrest him and bring him outside, and put him in a jeep. After that, Jessie is crying. Even so, Akhil is taken from there in a jeep.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 9 November 2022 Full Episode

When Akhil was finally arrested and taken away, Gyanamba did not know what to do. Everyone looks at Janaki. Even if it’s a big movie release, Janaki didn’t pay much attention to me because of Akhil’s fight, as no one cares about cricket madness. Block this and play a game with Janaki. Mallika goes to Jesse and cries a thief’s cry saying that Jesse should be used for that. Be brave. We are with you. You should be desperate enough to bring out that your husband is innocent. Mallika says Jessie, I have faith that you will free your husband. Jessie says that Akhil is good or not, but he is not bad. Jessie says that he may hurt their hearts by not understanding them, but he is not evil enough to attempt to kill a girl. Recently changed. He knew the value of life. Focused on his career. It’s not that you don’t know what kind of person Akhil is.. You must have made a mistake somewhere. Please withdraw the complaint and free Akhil. Jessie says please.

Why did you get so angry and arrest Akhil without even saying a word to me? Actually, no matter how much I think about it, I don’t understand. Why are you justifying your rashness even though we are saddened by the condition of the mother and husband that the son was taken away by the police? Take back the case, says Rama.

Rama, I am not saying that Akhil is bad. Didn’t even say it hasn’t changed. He is like a child to me. Actually less painful. Happiness is more than lying. No matter how much I want to say it, what I am saying is an indigestible truth. Janaki says I saw Akhil’s murder attempt on a girl named Madhuri with my own eyes.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 9 Nov Today Episode: Janaki told Rama that justice is better than bond

Justice is better than a bond, Rama. Janaki says that’s why I gave a complaint but not to hurt you. Meanwhile, Gyanamba collapses there. Can’t stand it. Janaki should get a bad name with this blow. Mallika thinks I should get a good name.

What is wrong with Akhil? Everyone comforts that he will come back innocent.. Have you seen it? Mother is unable to speak even because she cannot bear the pain. If you keep this in mind, the mother’s health will be affected. Jessie’s life, the life of the child growing in her womb. Think once, says Rama.

He says that even Vennela’s wedding tomorrow will be difficult if we are branded as the family of a murderer like this. Akhil says that he may make mistakes, but he does not have the mentality to make such a big mistake. Sometimes what is in our eyes we see in another dimension. Are you so delusional.. says Rama.

Amma Janaki. In Puranas, we have seen incidents where honest people were deluded. Govindaraju says that you who are very righteous.. saw the incident in the kangaroo and thought that Akhil was the reason for it. Vishnu says that we who have grown up in our mother’s upbringing make some small mistakes, but we do not make mistakes enough to kill someone.

Don’t delay sister. Jessie says to go to the station and free Akhil and bring him. Janaki has filed a case on purpose. Why does his heart agree no matter what you say? Mallika says she will not agree. Janaki says not only you. I am also sad.

But.. once you come to the hospital and see that girl who is lying among the dead, says Janaki. Look at the torture of the girl’s parents. You wouldn’t talk like that if you saw it. Taking back the case is not the solution to this problem. She says please don’t put any pressure on me in this matter and goes to her room from there.

Janaki goes into her room and cries. Janaki thinks that it is sad that even Rama, who knows me and my personality, is saying to take back the complaint. Meanwhile, Rama comes into the room.

Janaki Garu I understand your situation but.. you should also think about everyone at home. He says it will lead to many problems at home. He says that it brings us to a situation where we create an abyss for ourselves. You are supporting me. Janaki says if I don’t take care of my selfishness and respond to the injustice happening in front of my eyes, then what is the meaning of studying IPS?

Akhil started making mistakes gradually. Janaki says she is afraid of what will happen to Akhil if she leaves him like this. What actually happened? what did you see Rama says tell me. Then Janaki tells Rama the whole thing that happened there.

Rama says there is no guarantee that Akhil wanted to kill that girl hundred percent based on the evidence you have seen. This shocks Janaki. Rama argues with Janaki that you are thinking like an IPS officer but you are losing the power to think about good or bad in the family. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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