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Janaki Kalaganaledu 7 Nov Today Episode: Janaki Arrests Akhil Without Listening To Gyanamba: The latest episode of Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 7th November 2022, Monday episode 426. Nobody came for you. I said that I wanted to. She says I told Jesse to bring chai and I want to talk to you personally. Janaki asks who is Madhuri. Akhil says I don’t know who Madhuri is. Janaki says I saw you talking to Madhuri today in college. So I did not come to college today. Akhil says he didn’t talk to Madhuri. You said that you did not know who Madhuri was earlier. Now you say you didn’t talk to Madhuri. Akhil I have seen the whole thing. I saw you hitting Madhuri with a stick. I took myself to the hospital. Janaki says she is dying now.

Is Madhuri not dead yet? Is she still alive? If she regains consciousness, will she say that I am going to kill her? Akhil thinks. Tell me Akhil.. why did you do this. Janaki asks why did you kill Madhuri. But.. Akhil does not speak a single word. Meanwhile, Jessie comes there with chai. Sister says Akhil has changed. She goes to her room unable to talk about everything with Akhil. She thinks that she should tell Rama about this. It takes tension whether to say or not. Meanwhile, Rama wakes up. What if.. thinking without sleeping. He says come.. lie down. She thinks let’s tell Rama about this. Rama says he has to tell you something but… Rama doesn’t listen. He says sleep. Janaki goes to bed unable to tell Rama.

On the other hand, Akhil.. is tense thinking about how did Janaki know this in his room. He thinks about how to get out of this matter. On the other hand, Rama asks everyone where Janaki has gone since Janaki is nowhere to be seen.

Everyone says that they don’t know. Akhil gets tensed that Vadina means that she has gone to take some decision about Madhuri. On the other hand, Mallika fears that Janaki will go to know everything about me.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 7 Nov Today Episode: Madhuri’s mother cried

On the other hand, they are treating Madhuri. His uncles are sitting near him and are suffering. Janaki, who has just arrived at the hospital, asks how is Madhuri’s condition. There is no change in the condition. Madhuri’s father says that she has not regained consciousness till now.

Janaki comforts both of them. Janaki says what can we do but pray to God. Meanwhile, Madhuri is breathing. She breathes in and out. Janaki goes to fetch the doctor. The doctor says you come to the side.

They will be sent out. Doctors will check him. If a girl is born, she is called Goddess Lakshmi. Kanyadanam is said to be good luck. But.. these days, because of such demons, Raji is sad that she is afraid to give birth to a girl child. Raji is the only daughter who has been brought up very well. Our usury does not touch him. Raji says that he and his family will suffer so much.

Whoever he is.. God will punish him if not because of us.. says his father. Meanwhile, he remembers the oath he took in college. On the other hand, Madhuri gets serious. Janaki thinks that it will be my fault if I see Akhil trying to kill a girl.

She thinks that if justice is to be done to a girl, I must do this. Meanwhile, the police come to Gyanamba’s house. Janaki has complained… Akhil is arrested and taken away. Janaki does not listen to Gnanamba. Akhil gets arrested. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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