Janaki Kalaganaledu

Janaki Kalaganaledu 5 Nov Written Episode: Doctors Who Said That Madhuri Is Not Alive, Will Janaki Tell Gyanamba That Akhil Killed Madhuri And Arrest Her?: Janaki Kalaganaledu’s serial latest episode is not telecast today. Re-airs on Monday. Now let’s see what are the highlights of Janaki Kalaganalu Serial 5th November 2022, Monday Episode 426. Janaki brings Madhuri to the hospital and calls their parents. So their parents come to the hospital. But.. Janaki is puzzled as to why Akhil actually did this. Janaki thinks Akhil should not tell Madhuri that she got hurt. Janaki says that a person hit your girl hard on the head. After that, the doctor comes and says that the condition is critical. Madhuri’s parents cry because of this. Janaki does not understand what to do.

On the other hand, even at night, Janaki has not come home and everyone is tense along with Gyanamba. Mallika thinks Janaki hasn’t come home yet.. Did she go to collect all the evidence to tell about me? On the other hand, Rama says that Janaki is not picking up the phone. Not being in college, on the other hand, if they call, they don’t pick up, so everyone gets tensed as to what will happen. Gyanamba says that at least when you call, you can pick up and say that you will be late. Meanwhile, Janaki enters the house. Everyone will be shocked by him. Everyone is shocked to see him coming in a moody mood.

Gyanamba asks why is it late. So I went to buy study materials. That’s why Janaki goes to her room saying sorry for not telling you earlier.

But.. Rama gets suspicious for some reason. Janaki looks at Akhil seriously and leaves. Rama asks why they are like that. I am fine, Rama. Janaki says she is a bit tired.

Janaki Kalaganaledu: Janaki told Akhil to fetch Jessie tea

Rama is tense about whether to tell this matter or not. Not now… After talking to Akhil, Janaki thinks to tell everyone about this. Akhil, on the other hand, slowly holds the books and wants to make everyone believe that he is studying.

Akhil tells Jessie that I am going out to study. Jessie is very happy with this. Meanwhile, Janaki comes there. Meanwhile, Akhil realizes that he is pretending to have changed.

This sends Jessie to bring chai for Akhil. With this Jessie goes. After that, some person came for you. I want to talk to you personally. Janaki lies that they are waiting outside.

Akhil runs away with this. But.. there is no one there. Akhil gets tensed thinking that someone has come to kill Madhuri. Meanwhile, Janaki comes there, Akhil says to Janaki, no one came for you.

Akhil gets shocked by this. Janaki asks about Madhuri. Madhuri then says who has left. Janaki says that she is a girl whom she met in college today. Akhil says I never met Madhuri in college.

Janaki says you don’t know who Madhuri is. Janaki says Akhil, I saw you chasing that girl, hitting that girl with a stick. Akhil gets shocked by this. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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