Janaki Kalaganaledu

Janaki Kalaganaledu 4 Nov Today Episode: Will Madhuri Survive? Will Janaki Arrest Akhil?: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 4th November 2022, Friday episode 425. Madhuri is undergoing treatment in the hospital. Meanwhile, Janaki takes Madhuri’s phone number and calls Madhuri’s parents. Janaki says you should come to Janarthan hospital soon. She asks what happened with this. So you come first.. I will tell you when I come. Meanwhile, Madhuri’s parents come to the hospital. Janaki means you. She asks are you Madhuri’s parents. This means yes. She asks what happened to our girl. This means that a person hit your girl on the head. This will shock. Asks how my daughter is.

Treatment is going on inside. What’s wrong with your girl? Don’t worry. Our girl will not go to anyone. Her father asks who is the miscreant who attacked her. She says don’t tell about Akhil now lest someone will know. Meanwhile, the doctor comes. They ask how our daughter is doing. This hit him hard on the head. The doctor says that the chances of survival are very low. Doctor. Please, Doctor. Madhuri’s mother begs the doctor to save our daughter. We will try our best, but you must be brave. Madhuri’s mother falls down and cries saying “Oh my God”. Madhuri’s mother is crying because she wants to get married and go to her mother-in-law’s house in a week.

On the other hand, Gyanamba, Rama, Govindaraju, and Jessie wait for Janaki to come home even though it is night. Why hasn’t Janaki come home yet? Mallika thinks Kompadisi went to the doctor to collect evidence about my stomach.

On the other hand, Govindaraju asks why Janaki is not picking up the phone. Not in college. It’s getting dark in Oppakka. Govindaraju asks what actually happened. This does not mean the same, says Rama.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 4 Nov Today Episode: Gyanamba asks why she is late

Gyanamba says if you didn’t call us and inform us that you will be late, you should pick up when you call. Meanwhile, Janaki keeps coming. Jessie sees Janaki and says she will come there.

Mallika thinks there is no doctor nearby. Janaki comes home feeling sad as if something has been lost. Rama asks where Janaki went without college. Govindaraju asks if he should at least call and tell.

Meanwhile, Akhil comes there. Janaki sees Akhil as well. She thinks that if you are trying to cover up your mistake by making a girl be killed, come home. Even if you want to expose your atrocity.

Gyanamba asks Janaki where did you go. So I went to get the study material, uncle. Janaki says sorry for confusing you all without telling.

After going to her room, she thinks about whether she should tell Rama about Akhil or not. But.. she thinks don’t tell now. Rama does not even ask what happened. Janaki thinks that she should talk to Akhil once and find out why that situation has arisen.

On the other hand, Akhil leaves holding the books, thinking that he will sell the mall anyway. Jessie, who came there, asks where. He says to study.

Meanwhile, Janaki arrives. Jessie is happy. Akhil says you said you are focusing on your career. Janaki sends Jesse to fetch tea for Akhil and thinks to talk to Akhil alone.

Akhil..some person has come for you. I want to talk to you personally. Janaki says that they are waiting outside. Akhil gets shocked by this. Akhil thinks if someone came to know that I killed Madhuri.

He immediately runs outside. There is no one. Akhil thinks Vadina said this. Meanwhile, Janaki comes out and says no one came for you. Akhil gets shocked by this.

Madhuri asks who. So who is Madhuri? Akhil says I didn’t meet near the college. Janaki says I saw you chasing Madhuri. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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