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Janaki Kalaganaledu 25 Oct Today Episode: Rama gives Janaki a lip kiss in happiness, Will the first night happen?: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 25th October 2022, Tuesday episode 417. No matter how much money we earn, we cannot find such love. You cannot find people who are free from such impurities. Let’s all be happy together. Let’s support each other. Let us be together as an ideal for another family. Mallika joins Akhil’s hands and begs Janaki to understand. Antalya Garu, please remove the thought from your mind that we will be separated tomorrow. Give me three months. Janaki says I will change their opinions. Mallika, at least give me a chance with the growing baby in Jesse’s womb in mind. Janaki says please father-in-law.

If cut, Mallika will be thinking about Verka Kapur. Does Mallika think what did Janaki say like that just at the time of rooting camphor? Poleramma did not say anything even though Janaki begged us to be together. It means that tomorrow they will separate and put up separate camphor. But.. I think that Janaki’s words have melted my thing more. I have to see that his mind does not change. Vishnu comes. Natalya told Gari that tomorrow we will be divided into shares. The tribe is longing to meet Janaki. We have to say that we part strongly. Mallika says ok. Vadina, mom is making a request and it is very painful. Vishnu says Mallika doesn’t think of going separately. Mallika says whether I want to go for us or for our unborn child.

There are no big schools in our village. There are big schools in the city. You can read well. A big shop can be set up in the city. Then you can become a big businessman. Will Janaki stay here after becoming an IPS officer.. says Mallika.

She also goes to the city. No matter how we think, it is correct that we put separate camphor. What is it called? Vishnu says okay that I can’t bear this. Mallika is happy with this.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 25 Oct Today Episode: Akhil’s stomach ache, Janaki is relieved

On the other hand, Janaki is still thinking about the same thing. Why did Rama come and not eat? I will feed you. Rama says to eat. No, Rama Garu.. the food is not passing through the throat. Janaki says please don’t force me.

Angry with them, Amma is also firm on her decision. Rama says if you change Amma’s decision now, she will also suffer. Janaki says you know better than me that father-in-law cannot live separated like this.

On the other hand, Gnanamba and Govindaraju are suffering a lot. Think once is wisdom says Govindaraju. If they do wrong then why should Janaki suffer? Govindaraju says that even his IPS dream will be difficult to fulfill.

On the other hand, Akhil gets severe stomachache at night. I don’t know what to do. Akhil wakes up, drinks fresh water, and sleeps again. Meanwhile, Jessie wakes up. She asks what happened.

Jessie wakes up Rama and Janaki saying that Akhil is getting a stomach ache. Meanwhile, Janaki brings buttermilk mixed with cumin. It reduces drinking. If it still doesn’t subside, let’s go to the hospital immediately.

So he drinks it. He says that the fire has subsided. His stomach pain also decreases. You wanted to listen to the sayings and leave them like gods. If that is the case, who will guide us in such situations Akhil?

Jessie asks what happened to me for trusting you. Jessie asks what the future holds for our unborn child. With this, Akhil realizes his mistake.

Rama begs Janaki to forgive him. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.

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