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Janaki Kalaganaledu 20 Oct Today Episode: Rama And Janaki Who Killed Gyanamba Meanwhile Mallika Shocked Janaki: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 20th October 2022, Thursday episode 414. Janaki and Rama get sad when Gnanamba says that after Vijaya Dashami, whose lives are theirs. Mallika is happy. After that Akhil thinks why did he speak in haste? Meanwhile, Mallika comes there. Mallika thinks Akhil will change his mind again and goes and talks to Akhil. Slowly Akhil tries to change his mind. It is correct that you should put different camphor. But how did he get out of this? He says that it is difficult to go out and live after being with everyone all these years. Don’t get tensed. Unless you stand on your own feet and achieve something, only Attayya Gare will understand you. One more thing is that. Jessie is your uncle’s only daughter so you will definitely get their support.

There are many benefits to being separated. Mallika says understand. Janaki hears all this. Shocked to hear this. Asalenti Mallika says your problem. Janaki says you are trying to change Akhil’s mind, who doesn’t know why. Akhil. Don’t think of getting separated after hearing Mallika’s words. It is said that happiness in a joint family does not come from separation. When there is a problem, there is no one to share it with.. says Janaki. Akhil says that I can grow only if I am separate, as little Vadina said. After that Akhil leaves from there. Amma Janaki, your games will not go any further. Mallika says that victory is mine in everything and leaves from there.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 20 Oct Today Episode : Rama who spoke to Vishnu

Janaki understands that Vishnu and Akhil are not at fault for what is happening. They are behaving like this after listening to Mallika. On the other hand, Vishnu does not understand what to do. Yes. We will also go outside. Vishnu is sad to tell Gyanamba.

Rama comes there while he is saddened to hear Mallika’s words saying that he will be separated. But… Vishnu does not talk to Rama. Rama says, are you suffering? He says that even if our heart is good, sometimes words make us sad.

It’s over. I can understand your situation. Rama says don’t make hasty decisions and regret them later. I understand that you did not say that on purpose. I did not remember what had happened. Rama says forget you too.

The bond of brother and sister is not something that can be separated by saying something. Leave it to Vishnu. He says let’s stay together like always. Hearing all this, Mallika comes there. Rama says you don’t even need to pay money every month at home.

Mallika says her brother-in-law doesn’t want this. Mallika says they will tell us all these things and convince us to stay together tomorrow in front of Attayya. Mallika says my husband doesn’t have the intelligence you have, so your words are valid in front of elders.

Why did you get so angry with me and Janaki? Rama says did we trouble you. He says to stop thinking of separation. Rama says that we will all be better if we are together. Even though they are together. Mallika keeps disturbing something.

Vishnu thinks that if they are separated, then at least they will be happy. Vishnu says that it is better for us to go separately as elder Mallika said and leaves from there. Rama did not know what to do with this.

At night, Rama comes to Gnanamba and talks to Janaki. They try to please Gyanamba. Both Mallika and Jessie are pregnant. Those who live among us think that it would be better to live in the outside world.

When they understand that it is an illusion, they will be in a lot of trouble. As the months go by, they are unable to do their work, or those who do, struggle a lot. Antalya Garu says to Janaki that they need the help of an elder at a time like this. Janaki says that your support is very necessary for the current situation.

Janaki says please let’s meet. If we are together, we have four hands to support us in times of trouble. There is no help if it is separate, mother. Amma says change your decision, Rama says. Gyanamba says everyone has to put separate camphor.

They are not in a position to understand. It is unnecessary for us to pray when we have no intention of listening. Gyanamba says it is not necessary to think about them but you.. but me. Gyanamba says that they have worked hard for them till now.

There will be no change in my decision. Gyanamba says none of you should talk about this. On the other hand, Mallika is happy that they are putting camphor outside. Jesse doesn’t like it. I am very happy to be a daughter-in-law in a great family, among good-hearted people.

But. Jessie thinks about what happened now. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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