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Janaki Kalaganaledu 2 Nov Today Episode: Madhuri Saw Akhil Selling Drugs: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 2nd November 2022, Wednesday episode 423. You who want to be different from us may not like what we do. If you tell me what you want, I will serve it. Gyanamba says I called to ask that. It means that I have not told Jana Poleramma the truth that I have no stomach. If not, Mallika thinks why didn’t she say it? Tell Mallika says Gyanamba. Govindaraju says that Mallika eats what she likes. She cooks everything and eats it. She wants to be separated from us anyway. Then he should cook. Tell him to cook himself now too. Janaki says that only then will she know the good and bad that will come from it. True but.. I am thinking about the child in her womb says Gyanamba.

So what’s wrong with that? Chikita will take help if needed. Rama says their mother let him cook as Janaki Garu said. Gyanamba also says okay with this. Gyanamba says Mallika does her own cooking just like you. This will shock Mallika. But what about cooking.. Janaki seems to have told the truth to her brother-in-law.. thinks Mallika. He can’t bear it if he tells his father-in-law about his fake pregnancy. Janaki thinks time will tell. On the other hand, his friend waits for Akhil.

Meanwhile, Akhil takes the money and comes to his friend. Mama comes. waiting here for you. He says the chair is also for you. He asks have you brought the money? He gives the money to his friend saying that he brought it. Maidu brought more money than he said. His friend says that if you give him a mall, he will start a business.

He gives the mall to Akhil. Akhil takes the mall. For the recipient, handle it carefully so that no one other than you knows about it. The man says that if any mistake is made and it falls on me, I will implicate all of you.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 2 Nov Today Episode: Akhil bought the mall after giving money

Akhil gets tensed due to this. Uncle, don’t take tension with this. His friend says that there will be a problem in the starting but later there will be no hindrance. Akhil says were to sell this.

He says that our youth address is near the college. On the other hand, both Rama and Janaki go on a bike. Rama thinks that Janaki is silent thinking about studies and exams.

Janaki wants to tell Rama about Mallika’s fake pregnancy first and make Attayya happy. Rama asks Janaki what are you thinking. Janaki says I have to tell you something important about our house.

So don’t think about it now. He says to let the tests be completed first. On the other hand, Gyanamba, Govindaraju, and Jessie all eat together. Chikita is serving.

Mallika came and saw and used to bring food to the same place where she was sitting till yesterday. Mallika thinks that she has lost the direction to ask Janaki whether she ate or not. Gyanamba saw Mallika and asked her to serve food if not for herself but for the child in her womb.

Mallika is happy with this. Mallika will come and sit soon. Meanwhile, Govindaraj stops him. Let him take his own decisions, he says. Knowledge. Knows what responsibility means.

Mallika goes and starts cooking. She works hard and cooks for herself. On the other hand, training is given to the police in the academy. IPS officer Prasanna Kumar will give a motivational speech on how to be an IPS officer.

This is not a job. It is called the sword that kills evil in society. Don’t bow down to anyone.. He is a policeman who can do his duty without fear. He says that even if one’s own family members make a mistake in the matter of duty, they should not leave it.

He says you should swear that it will be so. Only Janaki stands up and takes an oath. Everyone swears after her. IPS says Amma Janaki.. I must congratulate you for inspiring so many people.

On the other hand, Akhil comes across Madhuri selling drugs in college. She runs saying stop you are doing something wrong. Janaki is outside. He throws wood on Madhuri without looking at him. It hits Madhuri and falls down. This causes him to bleed. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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