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Janaki Kalaganaledu 16 Nov Today Episode: After Rama Threatened To Divorce Janaki, Janaki Brought Out Akhil, Then Janaki Shocked Rama: The latest episode of Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see today 16 November 2022, Wednesday episode 433 highlights. After hearing Mallika talking to Jesse, Rama immediately calls the lawyer and asks him what the punishment is likely to be for his younger brother. With this, there is a possibility of hanging but life imprisonment. The lawyer says that if the girl dies while being treated in the hospital if she testifies in court, there is definitely one of the two punishments. Rama did not know what to do with this. On the other hand, Govindaraju, who went near Janaki, said, “Bring my son out.” Govindaraju says if you help me, I will be able to save my wife. This makes Janaki cry. He does not know what to do.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 16 November 2022 Full Episode

On the other hand, Rama seriously thinks about Akhil. Now, if the complaint is not withdrawn, his life will be ruined. Rama thinks he will talk to Janaki now. On the other hand, Janaki keeps remembering the words of Govindaraju. Meanwhile, Rama comes furiously. Janaki Garu.. I wanted to tell you that you have changed your decision by coming directly to me for what I asked. But.. you didn’t do it. Akhil will be taken to court by tomorrow afternoon. Be ready. Rama says let’s go to the station and take back the case. Sorry, Rama. There is no change in my decision. I cannot withdraw the case. Janaki says please understand.

What else do I understand by this? You should understand now. If you said that becoming an IPS officer was your father’s dream and your ambition, I lied to my mother and I stood by you. Because.. that doesn’t understand you. Rama says Akhil stood by your side for Jessie even in the matter of love.

Janaki says that belief now or Rama garu. So then she stood by your side to fulfill your ambition. But.. even now if I stand by your side, where will I have to distance my brother, says Rama. Rama says now I will be the one who cheated Jesse.

Janaki Garu, you know what kind of person my mother is. Can rule you if need be but.. didn’t do that. She trusted you completely to uphold the honor of her daughter and took you in her womb like a mother and daughter.. says Rama.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 16 Nov Today Episode: Rama tells Janaki to tell her decision by 10 am tomorrow.

Silently waiting for your reply but not holding you back. Rama says to think nothing of this or Janaki Garu. Janaki asks if you don’t understand the pain of that mother who is longing for her younger son.

At least you made your decision without telling your mother about it. If I can’t protect my younger brother, I will lose the trust of my older brother as well. Rama says I am not ready for that. Janaki says, Rama garu, you will understand how to say this.

Do you know how I thought that it would be better if it wasn’t me who tried to kill a girl? Janaki says you know how much I was hurt when the case was filed against me. You wouldn’t be doing this if you really thought about it. Rama says you are doing injustice to your family by telling someone to do justice.

If my brother goes to jail tomorrow I will not be happy with you tomorrow. Rama says tell me your decision that you will withdraw the case tomorrow at 10 am and take my brother. Janaki says that I cannot do as you have said, beyond all these years of my studies, my culture, my will to protect dharma, and my ambition to protect justice.

Rama gets serious with Janaki that when you cannot understand the tears of a mother for a child and the yearning of a husband, why study, justice, and ethics? Janaki says if it is for that, then my studies are meaningless.

Rama says I will not accept that your education will keep my brother away from me. My family is as important to me as education is to you. My relationship is as important to me as your theory is to you. If I can’t save my younger brother.. I can’t accept your education. Study.. Family.. Take your own decision. That too only till 10 am tomorrow. You have to come and say it yourself with your mouth. Rama says what is your decision..

You said what you had to say. Listen to what I have to say. You are blood-related to your brother. There is mine in the middle. But.. I gave it to society and my father. Even when I had to lie to my uncle about my studies, I lied because I had a goal in front of me.

I am what I am now because I stood up to the injustice before my eyes. I have no grandparents. My older brother is also far away from me. All I have is you. I was very happy to have a companion to lead me by the hand.

But..whatever dream I am working hard for today..shouldn’t I give it up for someone in our family..what I believe and live for is for you. When you say you have to take a decision.. I can’t take any decision beyond you.

That’s why I don’t want this study. I am giving up my IPS.. Janaki cries. I will take your brother out as you wish. Janaki looks back saying don’t you like that? But.. Rama will not be there.

Janaki does not know what to do with this. Rama didn’t hear what I said. Did God do this so you wouldn’t listen? What you want is to get your brother out, leaving my ambition.. I will get Akhil out Rama garu.

Janaki thinks I will get it for you and your family. In the morning, Rama and Janaki go to the police station along with the lawyer. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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