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Janaki Kalaganaledu 15 Nov Today Episode: Janaki, Who Is Unmoved Even Though He Knows That Akhil Is Being Hanged, Will Rama Throw Him Out Of The House?: The latest episode of Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 15 November 2022, Tuesday episode 432. The lawyer also advises Rama that first, they should withdraw the case with Janaki. On the other hand, Gyanamba is thinking about Akhil. Meanwhile, Peter and his wife come to Gyanamba’s house. Seeing them, Jesse runs and hugs their father. Dad cries. Don’t cry.. We are confident that son-in-law will come out without any problem, be brave, says their mother. Gyanamba, you and your family are role models for all. It is really sad that you have such a hard time that your son is guilty. But what will we do? Peter says the head is not in our hands. Don’t get discouraged. We are with you. Peter says their son-in-law will surely come back innocent. Meanwhile, both Rama and Vishnu return home with the lawyer.

Did you meet the lawyer? What did he say? Govindaraju asks if there will be bail. Rama says that it is in our hands. Rama says there is no chance of bail unless Janaki withdraws the case. Everyone will be shocked by this. So Peter and his wife go and save Janaki. You who always think about your family and the happiness of others.. I don’t know why you filed a case against Akhil, but not if your son-in-law is such a wrongdoer. “Think once,” says Peter. Peter’s wife says that what has happened has happened and Naina will think about your aunt’s honor and withdraw the case.

But.. what doesn’t Janaki say. At least we will take our daughter home for a few days, says Peter. They ask Gyanamba but.. Jessie says I can’t come at this time.

Okay, mom. Don’t worry. It is said that everything is going well. Gyanamba we will go. Call us if you need anything. Peter and his wife leave saying they will definitely come.

Mallika is sad that her whole plan has gone awry. Cha.. she thinks. Janaki Garu.. Why are you not thinking as much responsibility as Jessie, who came in as daughter-in-law yesterday, says Rama.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 15 Nov Today Episode: Janaki is sad that no one understands him

Janaki goes to her room crying. She feels sad that no one understands her. Your decision hurts everyone. Rama says Akhil’s future and family’s honor are in your hands, Janaki thinks why are you mistaking me even knowing my personality?

A girl is in the hospital among the dead. If I withdraw the case now, I will be cheating myself. Janaki thinks why are they not thinking about all this?

On the one hand, the believe that my upbringing will not make such a big mistake, on the other hand, my elder daughter-in-law will not make such a mistake. No matter how many times Rama tells him, he does not change his mind. Hurting with her words while comforting. Gyanamba tells Govindaraju that Jessie’s parents went to console us because they could not speak because their son-in-law was arrested.

She is afraid of what will happen to her future if the case goes to court. Gyanamba says she doesn’t know what to do. We know the personality of the daughter-in-law very well. Govindaraju says I will talk to Janaki once.

On the other hand, Mallika thinks that Jessie is the one who should get over Janaki. Jessie goes to her and says how bad it is. I can’t bear them to arrest Akhil who is innocent.

Seeing your tears melts my heart, Jesse. You kept Janaki in your heart as she married you and gave you life. She kicked your heart. Mallika says Jessie, do you know what people think in a real village.

Jessie asks what she thinks of this. Mallika says that if Akhil goes to the court and testifies to Janak, there is a possibility that Akhil will be hanged.

This shocks Jesse. Rama is also shocked to hear Mallika’s words. Does Mallika say if that is true then what is Jessie’s situation? Jessie could not tolerate this. Mallika says that if the death penalty is not meted out, it can be life imprisonment.

If the same is true, Mallika says Akhil should be in jail for 14 to 20 years. Jessie bursts into tears at Mallika’s words. Anyway, Mallika says if Janaki doesn’t withdraw this case, your husband will be in jail, you will be punished here, Jessie.

Hearing all this, Rama did not know what to do. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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