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Janaki Kalaganaledu 14 Nov Today Episode: Sunanda Planned With SI To Prevent Akhil From Coming Out, Sunanda Shocked Gyanamba, Will Janaki Know About This?: The latest episode of the Janaki Kalaganaledu serial has been released recently. Now let’s see what are the highlights of today 14th November 2022, Monday Episode 431. I did nothing wrong. I considered Vadina a goddess. But.. she made me like this. I will come to Vadina police station once. Akhil says I will get out of this case even if I hold his legs. But Gyanamba says that is not possible. Gyanamba says why Janaki is behaving like this. Rama says that she is behaving very foolishly. Rama did not understand what to do. Akhil still cries. On the other hand, Janaki is sitting outside the house thinking about Akhil. Meanwhile, Mallika comes there and talks to Janaki. Your luck has turned around. Misfortune knocked at the door. You have lost the trust of your father-in-law and brother-in-law. Janaki says that if you want to play with the players after saying that you have been given the captaincy of the house, it will be like this.

That God definitely proves that I am the truth. Akhil’s problem came before your time was good and your fake pregnancy was exposed. When it’s settled, you’re next. This time I hit six. Janaki says if you hit, you will fall across the stadium. Alas, I am afraid of this, Janaki. Where will I hide.. will I hide here. This is no less. Janaki says that this search is only for a few days and leaves from there. Mallika thinks that if they keep you at home till then… you will leave it at home till then. On the other hand, the Gyanamba family leaves the police station. SI says you have no option but to get bail from the court. Rama says to be okay with this.

When the Gyanamba family is coming out of the police station, Sunanda comes there in a car. Sunanda who got down from the car says Gyanamba. Even if I don’t like you, your honesty is polite to me.

But.. Sunanda says that it is sad to see you climbing the stairs of the station because of what your son has done. Your honor is tarnished. Sunanda says how are you? I can’t bear to see your condition.

Janaki Kalaganaledu 14 Nov Today Episode: Mallika calls Jesse’s father and tells him about Akhil’s arrest.

You have dreamed of making your daughter-in-law a police officer. The same turned around and put your son in front of society like a criminal. I am jealous of the way you lead your family and your sobriety. But.. Gyanamba says Sunanda, I am very sad to see you come to such a state because of your son’s actions from today.

Sir, what will we do? No matter how well we survive, sometimes the head turns upside down. Don’t get confused. I will try my best to bring your son out, even if it doesn’t bring you the lost honor. Sunanda goes inside the police station saying I will come Gyanamba.

Sunanda goes to the police station. Akhil sees her. I want to talk to you personally but not here, says Sunanda to SI. He takes him inside and talks to him. Under no circumstances should Gyanamba’s son Akhil come out. You do what you have to do. Sunanda says I will take care of what I have to do.

OK, madam says SI. Thinking that Janaki will actually tell Gyanamba about her fake pregnancy, she decides to send Janaki out of the house anyway. Jessie immediately wants to call their parents.

Jessie immediately calls her father. Mallika says Janaki is doing things to hurt you behind the scenes while pretending to do you good. This is very good for Janaki. Because of him, my daughter found a way in life, says Peter. He asks what did Janaki actually do.

Mallika says that she filed a case of attempted murder against your son-in-law Akhil and arrested him with the police. Peter is shocked by this. It is said that someone is going to kill the girl and has implicated her in the case. My brother-in-law and father-in-law also requested that the case be withdrawn.

Mallika says she didn’t hear it. Sad. If Jessie is crying that her husband is being taken away by the police, my heart is broken. Mallika says to Janaki that she has hurt everyone by buttering up everything like a mother to Akhil.

Don’t tell Janaki that she did something wrong. Don’t get angry. Mallika hangs up the phone saying that she will be their baby. Mallika thinks that I will send Janaki out of the house because of this trick. On the other hand, Peter tells this to his wife.

What about getting Janaki arrested for attempted murder? Mary says to call Jesse sometimes. With this, Peter calls. But.. Jesse doesn’t pick up the phone. Peter says let’s go home. On the other hand, Rama and Vishnu.. both go to the lawyer and tell them everything.

The lawyer asks if FIR has been filed. This is called a file. He says to go to the SI and bring the FIR. After that, he tells Janaki to withdraw from this case. Rama brings Janaki back to life. To know what happens after that, you have to watch the next part.


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