The seized mobile of Bahubali MLA Vijay Mishra of Gyanpur, who is lodged in Agra Jail, has called the Nagar Panchayat Chairman from the seized mobile and demanded a extortion of Rs 50,000. In view of the seriousness of the case, SP Ram Badan Singh has ordered an inquiry.

MLA Vijay Mishra is lodged in jail in connection with the possession of relative’s property. At the same time of arrest from Madhya Pradesh, Bhadohi police took both the mobiles of the MLA. Despite this, on the mobile of Gyanpur Nagar Panchayat chairman Hiralal Maurya, a call was received from the MLA’s seized mobile number on Saturday. The caller has asked the chairman to send Rs 50,000 to a paan shop in Gopiganj Nagar. After receiving the call, the chairman informed the SP. On Sunday, the SP has ordered an inquiry into the matter. Inspector in-charge Gopiganj Krishnanand Rai said that the matter is under cognizance. Who made the call and where it was from is being investigated. 

Four village princes and traders asked for extortion

In the entire Ram Ghulam and Rampur Kayasthan villages of Gopiganj police station area, a threatening letter was received in the name of Naxalites on Sunday morning. Besides, extortion money of 19 lakhs was sought from four village heads and traders. Failure to kill if not done. A local bomb-like item was found in a pradhan’s car and merchant’s yard. During the investigation, the anti-bomb squad from Varanasi had asked for a piece of paper at one place and some electronic equipment and gunpowder at another place. Police remained in the two villages for more than seven hours. The wife of Ramesh Singh, the head of Rampur Kayasthan village, received an envelope on Sunday morning. On opening it, he received a threatening letter in the name of Naxalites. He then informed the case to UP-112. When the police went near the car and found a country-like bomb placed on it. There, A similar letter and indigenous bomb-like object also appeared in the premises of the chemical businessman Jamaluddin, resident of Ramgoolam village. On the information of the case, CO Gyanpur Bhushan Verma and the in-charge inspector arrived


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