Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 27th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Balram asking Kanha, why is he considering gambling round in Gokul. Kanha says Mama shree wasn’t privy to my location, now after he receives the information of Shaktasur’s dying, his information plan could be very big. Kans says Shaktasur’s dying is not possible and says he’s invisible and asks how did he die? Akroor says he had taken the avatar of a bullock cart and it broke in Gokul’s mukhiya Nand house. Kans says Nand. Prapti threatens to go back to her father’s house.

Rohini tells Yashoda that every now and then her conduct is bizarre and says you shouldn’t be indignant yesterday. Yashoda says I will contend with him extra and thinks wherein is he? kanha is outdoor gambling with Balram. Balram asks him now no longer to hassle him. Yashoda sees Kanha at the back of the pots. She asks wherein are you. Just then the pots crumple and breaks. Yashoda is greatly surprised to look the damaged pots and Kanha at the back of the pots. She says why did you do this? She says a way to focus on you. Kanha says I will say. Balram says you say. Kanha sees calf. Yashoda asks from wherein did it come, it’s miles mischievous like Kanha. She says it is ideal that we’ve tied the bell in his neck, else we wouldn’t have known. She receives an concept and says shall I tie the bell to him. Balram says bell. Yashoda says no, and says I shall suppose something. She thinks to make anklet for Kanha and says then I will understand wherein is he running. Balram asks how your crew could be made? Kanha says our crew will become, simply as anklet is made.

Yashoda takes the dimension of Kanha’s legs. Kanha says you may now no longer get dimension this way. Yashoda says I will make anklet on your little legs. She asks Balram to hold eye on him and says I will make anklet and come. Balram says good enough. Kanha says Maiyya didn’t get the proper dimension. Yashoda makes the anklet and says it’ll fit Kanha. Balram asks Kanha to put on it. Yashoda suggests him and says I will make you put on it. She unearths the anklet small and thinks I actually have taken your dimension. She thinks she can be able to make it inches extra longer. Balram asks Kanha why is he troubling Maiyya. Kanha says it isn’t always like I wanted. Yashoda makes the anklet and is derived out to make Kanha put on it. She attempts to make him put on and discover the dimensions nevertheless short. She says how can or not it’s viable and calls Rohini.

Rohini comes and likes the anklet. She asks why are you worried? Yashoda says my Kanha’s anklet is small and says my reminiscence energy is losing. She says I tried, however couldn’t make. Rohini says I will assist you. Balram asks Kanha while he’ll put on? Kanha says this isn’t always an regular calf, however Surbhi and says while the calf’s ghungroo is hooked up to my anklet, then handiest it could complete. Balram says I understood seeing the ghungroo falling down from calf’s neck. Kanha asks Balram to inform Maiyya. Balram asks Yashoda to feature the ghungroos to Kanha’s anklet. Yashoda says good enough and provides it to the anklet. She calls Kanha. Kanha involves her.

Yashoda makes him put on the anklet and says it’s miles beautiful. Rohini says it’s miles best dimension. Kanha dances with Balram. He makes Kans listen the ghungroo sound intentionally. Kans continues hand on his ears and asks from wherein did this sound coming from? He says this divine boy is troubling me a lot. Kanha says I should hassle you extra in future. Kans shouts.

Yashoda and Rohini are glad seeing him glad. Yashoda says now I will understand, wherein Kanha is gambling. Balram, Kanha and Calf are standing. Kanha tells that this calf is our pal and could be in our crew. Kans fights with a wrestler and asks Akroor to inform approximately Nand’s house. He says I need all information approximately him. Akroor asks what’s his plan? Kans asks him to offer him information approximately Nanda’s family. Asti asks Kans to prevent enquiring approximately that boy and says the entirety could be fine, in case you prevent making plans towards him. Kans receives indignant on her and throws towel on her. Asti says I am your spouse and it’s miles my proper to deliver you at the proper path. Kanha and Balram have milk. Kanha says our crew will defeat mama shree.

Precap: Kans says Nand has hidden Devki’s eighth son from me and asks Iravat to kill that boy and punished all Gokul. Everyone panic and run in Gokul. Kanha says you may be punished for this.


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