Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 26th October 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Devki searching on the pitambara sadly. Vasudev asks her to have patience. Devki says I couldn’t deliver start to my seventh infant. This turned into despatched via way of means of Yashoda and her motherly love is defeated, sky statement proved incorrect and handiest Kans proved right. She publicizes to him that she can be able to now no longer permit her eighth infant are available her womb, and says he’ll now no longer are available my womb and could now no longer pass from right here. Vasudev says in case you do this, then Kans will kill you. She says my existence is in my manipulate and says the next day we are able to die, with the notion that atleast I actually have stored one child’s existence via way of means of now no longer giving start to him. Vasudev says we are able to do as you said. He hugs her. She cries.

Lakshmi receives concerned and tells Narayan that everybody is celebrating your start, however Devki and Vasudev are questioning to die. Narayan says they’ll quickly recognise approximately their reference to me. Devki continues her hand at the pitambara and she or he receives a dream and reveals herself at the sky. She asks if that is a few Maya Lok. Kanhaiya calls her as Maiyya. She sees little Kanhaiya withinside the cradle and says my son. She hugs him. He calls her Maiyya again. Devki hugs him and cries. She says I notion Kans has killed all my sons, and could now no longer depart my eighth son too, however you’re right here with me. She asks in which am I? kanhaiya says Maiyya and he is going to the sky because the mild. She says that is Kans Maya, and asks if that is a dream, and asks Narayan to reply him. The mild will become Narayan and says in case you agree with that every one dream is true. Narayan offers his darshan to Devki.

Devki smiles. Narayan greets her as Mata and says time has come to recognise which you shall understand, what has passed off and what’s going to occur next. He asks her to neglect about all her ache, and says it turned into mukti for a few and tripti for a few. He says your first sixth sons have been cursed via way of means of brahmadev to be killed via way of means of Kaalnemi who’s Kans on this start. He says they were given mukti via way of means of getting killed via way of means of Kans’s hand. He says your seventh son were given tripti and he’s my elder brother. He says your seventh son turned into shifted out of your womb to Maa Rohini’s womb. He says he turned into born and is in Gokul now and is safe. He says approximately your eighth infant, approach approximately me. He says I could be born out of your womb, as your eighth infant quickly. Devki cries and says what appropriate deed I actually have done, that I am getting blessed.

Narayan says the problem is ready start right here, you don’t remember, however this isn’t the primary time that I am now no longer getting born to you, and says he had taken start from her earlier than too. He asks her now no longer to consider now no longer letting him come, and says he’ll come quickly. Devki receives satisfied and kisses Kanhaiya who has come to the cradle again. Her dream ends. Vasudev continues his hand on her head. She asks what passed off? Vasudev says I actually have visible happiness in your smile and feature made preparations for our death. She says I will stay, we are able to stay. She says my dream has modified everything. She says she noticed the dream, however don’t remember. She says I will stay and deliver start to my eighth son, and he could be safe. She says Kans’ kaal will come. They hold their head on Pitambara.

Narayan tells Parvati that she could be called Yog Maya withinside the international as his sister.

After a few years:

Rohini collides with Balram and scolds him for breaking the pots. Yashoda comes there and asks Rohini to go away him. She is pregnant. Balram asks Yashoda to look. He says he can’t exit and play. Rohini says I am fearful of Kans. Yashoda says my lalla will quickly come to play with him. She says Balram’s more youthful brother will come there to educate him new mischief. Balram thinks he could be very mischievous.

Parvati tells Mahadev that Yashoda is certain that she can be able to have lalla, however I am going to be born to her. She asks Mahadev to pay attention her, and says I am going to be born as Yog Maya, and could defend Krishna. She says it’s miles very unhappy that you’ll now no longer participate on this. Mahadev performs the flute.

Devkki and Vasudev pop out of the jail to Kans. Devki smiles. Kans is taken aback. He says my loving sister is mad questioning awful approximately her eighth son’s start. Devki says I haven’t misplaced my intellectual balance, and says you can’t damage my eighth son, he’ll take start and also will take your existence. She says I am now no longer fearful of you Kans, time has come to show sky statement right. Kans remembers the statement. Devki says time has come to get you afraid, in order that your sins end. Kans says he’s Mathura pati and also you took my name. He says you’ve got got a lot attitude. She says she isn’t having attitude, however a mother’s faith. Kans says I actually have now no longer killed your sons infront of you until now, questioning you’re my sister, however now I will kill your eighth son infront of you.

Balram makes the cradle swirl and talks. Yashoda says you’ve got got grow to be alone, very quickly your brother will come to play with you. Balram thinks he’s craving to pay attention him Dau from his mouth. Yashoda continues ache in her tummy and tells Rohini. Rohini sends Balram out. Devki additionally feels hard work pains. Devraj says the instant has come and that they bathe flower petals from the sky, and it falls at the mattress withinside the jail. Mahadev performs his damroo, and says I will have a good time your start right here. Devki lies down at the flower mattress at the same time as Vasudev is standing. Kanhaiya is born. Vasudev takes him in his hands. Kans is taken aback to look the divine mild. Devki and Vasudev see divine mild withinside the child and a peacock feather in his hair. The name tune performs…..

Precap: The jail door opens and Vasudev takes him outdoor protecting him. Yashoda says my lalla. They have a good time Kanha’s start.


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