Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 26th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Nanda and different citizens of Gokul attempt to drag the cart. Shaktasur thinks the way to forestall them, if I pop out from it, then can’t move inner. Kanha makes the bullock cart inmovable. The guys inform that they shall flow it later. Yashoda asks Nanda to get geared up for puja. Kanha comes out and stares on the bullock cart. Balram says in his coronary heart that Shaktasur is inner it. Kanha says we will enjoy. Shaktasur thinks what they is probably questioning. Yashoda does the aarti at the same time as Kanha tells Balram that they shall rejoice. Rohini makes Kanha put on the garland. Kanha dances. Yashoda says it appears Narayan is dancing infront of us. Balram additionally dances. Nanda says even we will rejoice Anand utsav. They all dance. Shaktasur is looking them from the bullock cart. Mahadev and Devi Parvati smiles. Shaktasur says I will make this Utsav change into mourning in sometime. Nanda performs the shank. Yashoda maintains the prasad for Narayan. Kanha says I be given the prasad Maiyya. Yashoda then feeds prasad to Kanha. Balram says Narayan were given the bhog and thinks feed me now. Yashoda feeds kheer to Balram too. She asks Nanda what happened? Nanda says the service provider haven’t come.

Yashoda says I notion he got here to assist us. Shaktasur says I got here to ruin you. Kanha says I am questioning to give up the sport. He says you may recognize soon. He falls asleep, at the same time as Yashoda and others serving meals to the Gokul citizens. Yashoda says my lalla is worn-out and slept. She says in which to make you sleep, so you live infront of my eyes. She says I shall make him sleep underneath the bullock cart. Rohini stops Yashoda. Yashoda says don’t worry, our Kanha could be secure here, this cart isn’t always moving. She asks Balram to attend to Kanha and inform her simply as he receives up. Kanha wakes up and sees Shaktasur, asks Balram to divert everyone’s attention, till he ends Shaktasur’s game. Shaktasur says your mom has stored you in loss of life fire. Kanha thinks it become my plan, and that’s why she made me sleep here. Shaktasur says I will break you below it. Kanha says now I will display my leela to you. Shaktasur says you need to check my powers and says I will use all my powers to kill you. Kanha says you can’t kill me and calls Balram, says time has come to kill Shaktasur. Shaktasur makes use of all his powers to kill Kanha.

Kanha hits the cart together along with his leg and it flies up withinside the sky stunning all of the boys status there. Balram is surprised. Then the cart falls down from the sky at the equal vicinity in which Kanha is resting. Yashoda, Rohini, Nanda and others are shocked. Shaktasur appears at Kanha and thinks of the curse given via way of means of a Rishi that he’s going to get Mukti while Narayan breaks his ego. He thank you Kanha for easing him from the curse and vanishes as he receives mukti. Yashoda asks what happened? Nanda says bullock cart broke. Yashoda says I made Kanha slept below it. She receives concerned for Kanha. They see Kanha sitting at the same time as the damaged portions of the cart are round him. They get emotional. Yashoda asks Kanha if he’s exceptional and asks Nanda, how did this happen? Nanda says it’s far unexpected that it didn’t flow from its vicinity, and now. Yashoda asks Balram, how did this bullock cart smash? A boy tells that Krishna broke it, he hit at the cart and it broke. Yashoda shouts at him and different boys and asks in which is your mom? The boy says she didn’t come. Yashoda says nowadays I will ask your mom, why you lie? Kanha asks Balram now no longer to mention anything.

Yashoda is going to the boy’s residence and tells that she got here to all of them. She tells that your sons have lied to me. The female says our sons can’t lie. Yashoda tells approximately the bullock cart breaking and the lads blaming my Kanha. The boy says I noticed Krishna hitting it, and it broke. All the lads inform that they may be now no longer lying. Their mom says they don’t have any grudge in opposition to Kanha. Yashoda asks if all elders are lying. The boy’s mom says you’re blinded in Kanha’s love. Yashoda says his ft are small, how he can smash the bullock cart together along with his little ft. The boys’ mom tells Yashoda that her sons will now no longer play with Krishna. Yashoda says ok, Balram is with him to play. She takes Kanha and asks Balram to return back home. She says you each could be stored from terrible business enterprise and takes them from there.

She receives protecting approximately Kanha and takes to the air the terrible sight from him. Nanda asks why she is having enmity with Gokul citizens. Yashoda asks him to throw the damaged bullock cart. He says I will do it. Yashoda says I will take out terrible sight from him and applies black tikas on his body. Rohini says tikas aren’t carried out anywhere. Yashoda says she can be able to do it this way. She asks Nanda to fulfill Rishi Garg for his benefits on Kanha. Nanda says ok. Balram asks Kanha who will play with them now. Kanha says even we can now no longer play with them and asks him now no longer to worry, says we’re enough to be a team. He tells that Kans will do some thing huge this time and laughs.

Precap: Akroor tells Kans that Shaktasur died. Kanha asks how did he die and asks Akroor to ship his guys in which Shaktasur died. Kanha asks Balram to get geared up to play the sport in Gokul. There is Kans terror in Gokul.


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