Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki

Jai Kanhaiya Lal Ki 20th November 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on LatestSerialGossip.com

The Episode begins offevolved with Yashoda scolding Kanha and asks him to open his mouth. She receives greatly surprised seeing Universe in his mouth. She sees all of the universe and unearths herself in a extraordinary world. She asks what’s this? Kanha says that is what, that you are for me, my universe. She sees divinity in her Kanha and he says you’re my brahmand to me, my love for you is everlasting like your love for me. He says your love is advanced to me, each time my call can be taken, your call can also be taken. She comes again to her house. Balram says I agree.

Kanha says my Maiyya sees me on this Gokul and that’s why I belong to it. Balram says sure you stated proper. a girl comes and calls Yashoda. Yashoda says I even have visible some thing in his mouth. Rohini says we didn’t see some thing. Yashoda says I noticed a dream, wherein Kanha became telling me that he’s my universe and I am his universe. Kanha says you’re proper Maiyya. The girl says we will recognize your love for Kanha. Yashoda hugs Kanha.

Kans thinks Shaktasur may have observed approximately that boy and says why he didn’t come until now. Prapti says can be I became proper approximately him. Kans says Akroor may include the news. He says I will do what I haven’t finished until now. Later a person involves Devki’s lockup and maintains hand on her mouth, and kidnaps her. Balram and Kanha come to recognize approximately it. Balram says our mom is in trouble. He says I will now no longer depart Kans Mama. The kidnapper brings Devki out of the lock up. Devki asks who’s there? The kidnapper exhibits his face, it’s far Asti. Balram says whoever is troubling Maiyya can be punished soon. Asti introduces as Kans’ spouse and Jarasandha’s daughter.

Devki says I recognize nicely and asks why did you carry me right here? Asti says I need to express regret to you on my husband’s behalf. Devki says you haven’t finished some thing and asks her now no longer to express regret. Asti says I need to recognize wherein is your eighth son. Devki says I will inform you, however desires to recognize if you may inform in case your son is in danger. She asks her now no longer to anticipate what she can’t do. Asti says that is my husband’s existence and says I will seek that boy for my husband. Devki brushes off her hand and walks inside. Asti asks her to mention and is derived inside. The guards forestall Devki.

Kanha says Maiyay isn’t scared of anyone, to guard us. Balram says we will make her ache less. Balram makes the weapon withinside the soldiers’s fingers as snakes and that they drop them. Devki walks withinside the lock up with none fear. Asti stops seeing the snake. She thinks this divine boy could be very effective and thinks I need to see any other manner to go looking her. Balram tells Kanha that she (Asti) don’t recognize whom she has messed with. He says that new hassle is probably coming to Gokul. Kanha says he’s coming right here as a boy, and says we are able to play with him.

Shaktasur is sitting and searching at the alternative boys playing. The boy asks her to play. Shaktasur refuses. He thinks he’s trapped right here because the boy. The boys chortle at him. The female asks them to take out his tail. Shaktasur throws the faux tail and thinks he can kill all of the boys altogether, however if he does this, then he can’t seek that divine boy. The girl gives milk to Shaktasur. Shaktasur asks if that is milk or river water. He unearths the milk turning black and throws it.

Yashoda tells Rohini that she can be able to make all of the pots. Rohini says Kanha shall now no longer do any mischief. Kanha is going to the dust and sits on it. Yashoda takes him in his lap. Rohini feels sleepy and is going. Yashoda asks Kanha to return back and sleep. She sings lullaby for him. Kanha sleeps. Yashoda additionally sleeps. Kanha wakes up and calls Balram. He asks what befell Dao? Balram says our Maiyyas are unhappy that pots couldn’t be made fully. Kanha says we are able to whole the pots making.

Precap: Shaktasur says I need to are available in my actual avatar and seek that divine. Kanha couldn’t permit him are available in his actual avatar. He thinks to make Yashoda reputable withinside the Gokul Utsav. Kans plans to break it.


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